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Listing On Kindle For Profit

Want a slice of the phenomena that is Kindle? It is easy to get put off by the thought of learning something new, iphone 8 case for sale but if you can fill in an online form then you can list on Kindle

Here is a quick video that takes you through the process of listing a book for sale on Amazons Kindle plus very important information about the latest changes to Kindle and how it affects sellers and how to avoid getting your Kindle account blocked in the same way that thousands of sellers have in the past few weeks.

This video was shot for The Video Blog Challenge run by my good friend Barry Wells, iphone xs case on sales when you have finished here take the opportunity to go over to Barry’s Blog and see video from other contributors to the challenge including Steve King,

Build More Baskets!

Today I am going to recommend a good read, if you haven’t already done so get yourself a copy of:

How to Get Rich


Felix Denis

No it’s not one of the increasing numbers of self help books that “show you how to make a million in 10 seconds flat.” The book is described by Felix as an anti-self help book, its purpose to discourage you from even trying to get rich.

Laced with example of Felix’ wit, poetry and gob smacking anecdotes of his rise through the ranks of the magazine publishing business Felix shares his successes and disasters in equal measures and book pulls no punches in doing so.

How to Get Rich acts as both warning and inspiration for those determined to start out on the rocky road to wealth, it is joy to read and contains sage wisdom but none more so that this:

“Continue to weave new baskets”


“Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”

How many of us have been guilty of doing just that? I certainly have and have been burnt a few times particularly with eBay. cheap iphone xr case Remember the Digital Delivery ban where a large number of businesses selling eBooks and software where wiped out virtually over night.

Or, have eBay changes had a detrimental effect of your business? It happened with mine as eBay changed the rules and decide to ban some of my products (which are freely available for sale on other eBay sites and high street stores). outlet iphone 8 case Some of my other products now failed to get on the all important first page because of eBay changes.

The mistake I made was simple; eBay was my strategy and all my eggs in one basket. iphone 8 case outlet So I started to make new baskets. iphone xr case on sales I started to produce my own products starting with Plugin Auction Profits my strategy for trading on eBay and Amazon. iphone 7 case outlet uk I started to sell specialist books on Amazon which I buy for a few dollars at a time and flip for a greater price.

I now provide digital content for Amazon’s Kindle eBook platform; I have published my own physical book using Create Space POD (print on demand) service. I collected all these ways of making an extra income together as blueprints and produced 12 Roads to Success which became my first Warrior Forum Special Offer or WSO.

I am now branching out and creating websites for clients based on WordPress, mobile websites and other marketing services.

The Kindle Cash Machine: Do This Right and You Will Make Money

I suppose if you anything right you will make money, but after February’s open season on Kindle sellers there are some things that you really need to know if you want to sell on Kindle.

Firstly that it is really easy to do AND to make money doing it…. iphone xr case outlet But, why is there always a but? Amazon is very strict about what they will accept as content so it is important to get your Kindle books complying with the Amazon Terms of Service.

It is easy to fall foul of this and have books removed or your account terminated, this happened to thousands of Kindle sellers last month. iphone 7 case outlet uk The problem duplicate content; too many people uploading the same content.

How has this happened? Well how many e-mails have you had in recent months with some “Guru” selling gigabytes of PLR materials that you can use to compile your own books? Buyers were just uploading compilations of the PLR articles. iphone xs case outlet Result massive amounts of the same content and a very poor customer experience.

The other problem was content that was freely available on the web being sold on Kindle. Amazon don’t like that, result take a sledge hammer to the problem. There is a better way, the way I use to make 800+ sales a month through Kindle.

Revised, expanded and improved “The Kindle Cash Machine” Version 2!

Bang up to date; simply copy my plan to a profitable Kindle business that pays you on the dot every single month. iphone 8 case for sale Learn why Format 8 and the Kindle Fire open up a whole new set of possibilities for making money. iphone 7 case outlet Included is my Kindle template the one I use for my own books, plus “The Amazon Cash Machine”.

Make money promoting similar Kindle books or any Amazon product for that matter.

Amazon Cash by The Numbers

Hi, iphone xr case outlet uk here is a short video showing how you can make cash from Amazon, cheap iphone 7 case it is very simple to do and you can start with no cash at all. iphone 7 case for sale You may not make big bucks with this, iphone 8 case on sales so think of it as another income stream that you can add to your armoury see Build More Baskets.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

If you have any intension at all of working online then the first essential you WILL need is a blog.


Well the blog is the hub of your online activities a focal point for your customers and readers to catch up with you and your activities, special offers. iphone xs case on sales And most importantly free advice (such as this).

The blog also acts as capture machine for subscribers e-mail addresses so that you can inform them when new content has been added. outlet iphone xs case online Did you notice the optin box and the newsletter list when this blog loaded?

There are a number of different blogging platforms which have there own advantages and disadvantages.

Free from Google is Blogger, I have used Blogger for product review sites such as John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Training. iphone xs case outlet Blogger blogs are very easy to setup and easy to use and can be customised and monetised. They are mostly used for personal blogs and many of the Blogger blogs are exactly that.

The great advantage is that Blogger is free. The big disadvantage is that you do not own the blog so Google could remove it at any point with absolutely no comeback. You will loose at the content you have posted and all the hard work will be to no avail.

The real biggy is WordPress there are literally thousands of themes, plugins apps and widgets that you can use to customise WordPress, so no two sites will be exactly the same. cheap iphone xr case outlet At you can claim a free blog and take advantage the problem is that the blog will always have as part of the URL.

There are some excellent examples of free blogs you can check out on the home page of, again this blog can be pulled at any time and you will have to start again.

The best all round solution to building your own brand or business is to have your own hosting and install your own WordPress blog on it. iphone xr case outlet This has massive advantages over the free solutions.

  • You can choose your unique URL to reflect your business or brand, this website uses WordPress and although it is starting to look dated I can change this very easily by updating the theme, adding plugins and widgets to make the visitor experience a good one.
  • I own the blog.
  • It has my name in the URL not blogspot or WordPress which of the two looks the most professional?

WordPress is very easy to setup and customise, there are lots of guides and tutorials available on the internet. outlet iphone xr case online But this can be very confusing if it is the first time you have installed and used WordPress. You could pay some one to do it all for you, or there are many excellent products on how to use WordPress most of which come with a heavy price tag.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a product that could show you how to do all of this for just a few bucks. Well there is, so here’s the skinny of it I just came across something that you will want to check out quick before the price goes up drastically.

It is WordPress blog building at its finest by a guy Lane Bowers who’s been in the trenches learning what it’s like to build blogs for perfect results every time. More informaion HERE.

Take a look at just one of Lane’s blog video training reviews; Lane takes on more of the role of what you would expect a good friend to be like if you asked him to help you get started on creating your own WordPress blog.

It is as if he asked you to pull up a chair at his desk and he was walking you through what he does daily to continue growing his Blog.

He keeps it very basic and assumes that you have had no prior knowledge before he begins teaching you. cheap iphone xr case outlet If you are new to Internet Marketing then this would be an excellent starting point for you, as his Course continues teaching he includes items such as how to add a Gravatars to your Posts, changing the Header and the Site’s Background, setting up email accounts, etc.

Product Development Control Bonus

My Uniques Bonuses for:


John Thornhill and Dan Sumner’s just released Home Study Course “Product Development Control” special offer and it ROCKS!


This is an amazing deal but I want to sweeten it even more! I am offering some STRICTLY LIMITED BONUSES (25 only) for buying “Product Development Control” through my link.

  • My personal help and support throughout the whole program via Skype, e-mail telephone etc no matter how long you take to complete the program. iphone 8 case outlet uk Real world price… Invaluable

  • My help and advice to create your own profitable product and a guaranteed promotion of your product to my entire list. Impossible to put a price on this.

  • And, something really special! I am granting the Resale Rights to my own successful product 12 Roads to Success which has earned me in excess of $5000.

This sells on Clickbank for $27 on a daily basis. iphone 7 case on sales You will have the rights to resell this product AND keep 100% of the profits. I will also include the sales letter, graphics and all the marketing materials you will need to put you miles ahead of the competition. iphone 7 case outlet This complete product is ready to go today.

Because of the nature of the bonuses they are strictly limited to the first 25 purchases through my link. You will see no doubt all kind of silly claims about the value of bonuses. But I won’t do that; all I will say is the bonuses I offer are priceless when it comes to building you own business from scratch.


How to claim you bonuses. cheap iphone xr case You will need to be quick as I expect these to sell out very quickly. iphone 7 case on sales As soon as you have made your purchase please send me a copy of your Clickbank receipt to the e-mail address below and include PDC Bonus in the subject line. cheap iphone xr case Please whitelist this address as I will using it to send the download links.



Product Development Control A Review

The way to make real money in Internet Marketing is to produce your own products. You have total control over the whole process. iphone xs case for sale But…. It can seem overwhelming where you start first, what I need to think about etc. Wouldn’t it be great to work form a route map that showed you what to do every step of the way saving both time and frustration.


Well things just got a whole lot easier because Dan Sumner and John Thornhill have just released “Product Development Control” the ultimate bible for producing you own quality and profitable products in a fraction of the time it used to take.

As Dan and John make extensive use of Video, Audio, PDF Instruction and work sheets to take you step by step through the whole product creation process this is as easy as look over my shoulder and do what I do. This is the product creation process in action my two marketers who are known for the quality of the products they create.


I have just completed reviewing the whole course and I can say I learned a thing or 9 about how to produce my own products more quickly and easily. iphone 8 case for sale “Product Development Control” has 6 Modules.


Module 1:

The 5 videos in this module show how to plan a product using the mind mapping process that Dan and John have used to pull in thousands of dollars this year alone. iphone 8 case on sales The easy to follow videos and accompanied by access the resources to do this which are free. Watch as Dan and John create the outline to a product “live”.


Module 2:

2 Videos on how to create content, what formats to use where to source professional graphic, often a make or break for any product. Follow the complete checklist to success.


Module 3:

Sales page creation techniques, supporting Pages for your products website. Sourcing and producing bonus products. outlet iphone 7 case The power of testimonials in the selling process.


Module 4:

Four videos cover: Getting started with your product development all the tools you need for free. How to outsource parts of the process for speed and professionalism. Testing your product and give it the final tweaks it needs to produce sales.


Module 5:

What are the best methods of processing your payments, the pro’s and con’s of taking money using Clickbank, PayPal,, JV Zoo and a host of other payment processors.


Module 6:

Lift off! Promoting your product, finding affiliates and JV partners, the power of social media and blogging.


A massive set of resources links to online tools plus a mean set of bonus products that would cost more than the price of this program alone. This make “Product Development Control” as complete as it can possibly be. I have spent a day trying to think of what could be added or improved, result I failed. iphone xs case outlet uk Well done Dan and John you nailed this one!


This product is no longer available on The Warrior Forum BUT Dan and John have set up a special discount for visitors to my blog where you can still get this for a measly $27 AND I am still offering my bonus package, this makes it a no brainier for me I can make this back on my first sale!


I am so impressed that I am offering some unique and strictly limited bonuses for buying


“Product Development Control”


though my link.

How Well Do You Do This?

That’s look after your subscribers, iphone xs case for sale remember that people on your list subscribed for a reason, maybe they found or where directed to your blog where you were offering great information or there was something that they found interesting there.

Maybe the subscriber found one of your sales pages that allowed them to optin to get a mini course or a freebie.

What ever the reason they chose to subscribe to your e-mails, so what next, well you need to give them a reason to keep subscribed.

There are different ways of doing this; post informative content to your blog regularly, and you can send them offers for products or services that you feel may be of use or value to them, remember that people will expect you do that.

And you can offer them subscriber discounts on your own products and those of other marketers, cheap iphone 7 case outlet most will be happy to do this in return for a sign up to one of their lists.

You can also offer high value content on a regular basis completely free.

There is a fine balance between all of these actions. By offering quality content on your blog you will get a high number of return visitors who may buy something from you particularly if you are reviewing a product on the blog post.

E-mailing offers out, outlet iphone 8 case online again this is a balancing act only; promote those products or services that you feel would help your subscribers best, iphone 7 case for sale why did they subscribe? Look for something that would be complimentary and promote that, BUT only if it will be of value to them.

Never promote crap just because the commissions are better this will bite you on the backside. Also never pester the hell out of your subscribers they will either unsubscribe or just not open your e-mails. iphone 8 case on sales Just take today, in less than 24 hours I have had 59 e-mails from the same marketer promoting different products.

Yes 59, do you think that marketer has by best interests in mind or is he trying to make a fast buck? What we call a churn and burn merchant.

Do you offer high value freebies to your list on a regular basis? I try to do this once a month, this maybe a report for something am working on, and occasionally it is a report from another marketer from which I may make a few affiliate sales.

I also use PLR materials as the basis for some of my freebies, but as ever always use high quality PLR materials and make sure you edit them to suit your list.

Last week I sent out a freebie on LIST BUILDING to my list so if you would like a copy of it click the eBook cover or HERE and grab your cover.

I also recorded the whole process on video so if you want to see how I did it click the image and view the video which is on my YouTube channel.

The whole process is recorded in the video VIEW HERE.

How to Succeed Online: And Why So Many Fail

What is the quickest way to making a fortune online? I don’t know and I don’t know anyone that does either. iphone 7 case outlet uk Yet, when you read sales pages online or the adverts that arrive as junk mail on a weekly basis it is easy to convince yourself that it IS easy after all isn’t that what the experts tell you? Not convinced? Then you really need to read this report.


Believe me there is no overnight way to making it big online overnight, what is needed is to learn and apply a new skill set. iphone 8 case on sales Add to that a determination to succeed and you have exactly what you need to be a success.

The good news is that it is entirety possible to learn and apply these skills quickly it is much easier to do than anyone would imagine. cheap iphone xs case So how can you learn these skills? Well if you follow all the sales letters you can grab a whole bunch of products from Clickbank and probably spend several hundreds of Dollars.


You can choose an expensive coaching program that drip feeds you the information you need on a weekly basis.

The cost?

Usually $1,000’s of Dollars, not really a cheap option.

So what about a Coaching Program that not only gives you massive amounts of content each and every month but also allows you to build the business you want in the way that you want to build it.

Introducing: Internet Coaching Monthly

One size does not fit all! Everyone is different and everyone will want to build their own business their own way, whether that is trading on Amazon, eBay, Producing your own products (not as scary as it sounds).

Maybe you want to specialise in selling Resell Rights Products, or publish on Kindle which has opened up an entire market for the small publisher (that’s you and me!). iphone xs case for sale You will find it in Internet Coaching Monthly.

And what is the cost of Internet Coaching Monthly, Simple it is $17 a month no ridiculous “discounts” fro $4997 to…. outlet iphone 8 case (you know the sequence already). iphone 8 case on sales No false Scarcity, No Ridiculous claims on the value of bonus items.

Can You Really Make Money On Kindle?

Here is a very simple set and forget income source that I set up 5 months ago. I started to publish materials for Amazons Kindle eBook reader. cheap iphone 8 case online This is one of the hottest selling products around and really is a licence to print money. If you are not selling on Kindle you are really leaving money on the table.

Amazon really has created a revolution in publishing recent figures from Amazon tell the tale. iphone 7 case outlet uk For every 100 physical books sold on Amazon there are 105 Kindle books sold. iphone 7 case It is estimated that Amazon has sold in excess of 8 Million Kindles. iphone 7 case Now that creates an opportunity, because Amazon needs content and lots of it. This is how we will start to make money.

Amazon has levelled the playing field for small publishers (that’s you and me) by allowing anyone to publish on Kindle and Create Space Amazon’s Publish On Demand or POD service) publishing your own content is completely free, provided the content complies with their Terms of Service (TOS). That removes all the barriers to self publishing that has stopped so many people from succeeding.

The traditional route of approaching publishers suffering rejection often for years on end is over. This has allowed some people to make their entire income publishing on Kindle.

But most of us will perhaps never write a novel.

So here’s how we can do it, we will be publishing Non Fiction Information Products (books) and we will provide outstanding value and content. At first glance this may look little different from selling Information Products on eBay. outlet iphone xs case online With Kindle all the delivery is done for you electronically, there are no products to ship. iphone xs case on sales It is a real set and forget business. You can also sell the same content on eBay and deliver as a physical product yourself.

There are lots of really HOT markets on Kindle so we will take a look at these, surprisingly the “Make Money Online” products are NOT big sellers so it may be better to steer clear of these, at least in the beginning until we have learned to market our other products correctly.


  • Health and Fitness
  • Diet
  • Cooking
  • Technology
  • Current Events
  • How to Guides

All of these are excellent areas to target as all these niches have lots of sub-niches so that we can really provide targeted content.

I have prepared a special report showing how I went from Zero Sales to 1,500 sales in less than 5 months. I am giving away this report completely free. Grab your copy now.

Grab your copy HERE.

Put your Kindle business on steroids with my complete business plan where “The Kindle Cash Machine” I show you exactly how I did this and how you can do it too. This is a complete set and forget plan do the work once and get paid for years I show you exactly how I did it

Kindle Cash Machine

Here is the chance to start building a complete publishing business on a shoestring, grab yourself a slice of the Kindle pie….