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Published on Kindle: My New eBay Book.

eBay Success Secrets: How To Build Your Own eBay Empire

Just a quick post today, iphone xs case for sale I am working on a new Kindle product which is a step by step course on producing content for Kindle with a template, cheap iphone 8 case PDF and about 14-15 over the shoulder training videos plus lots more.

As part of the course I show how to produce Kindle books and get them published, outlet iphone xs case yesterday I shot the entire listing process and video and uploaded the book for publication, cheap iphone 7 case it went live this morning! I can now shoot the rest of the videos and get it finished.

Here’s a sneak preview, cheap iphone 7 case online click the graphic and see the listing and the Amazon preview.

Or click HERE to see the listing.

The cover was ordered for Fiverr and the content was based on my own business as an eBay Powerseller selling non branded products.

I think it look quite smart…. Rob


A Quick Update!

The book was published about 27 hours ago,

The Complete Blueprint For Your Own eBay Business

What is one of the biggest niche areas on eBay? It may surprise you to find out that there is huge demand for Information Products, iphone xs case outlet uk and that they are one of the hottest markets on eBay selling in enormous quantities day in day out.

Released Today!!

“How to Profit from Selling Information Products on eBay” In this complete business blueprint I reveal the strategies that the smart sellers use when selling Information Products on eBay.

How to turn a $1 sale into a $27, outlet iphone 8 case $67, iphone xr case outlet $97, outlet iphone xr case online $197 or even more

How to obtain products to resell for FREE!

How to find low cost quality products that will sell for far more than a few dollars

Selling into carefully targeted niche areas

How to blow the socks off other seller’s products and dominate your niche

How to obtain licensed products at rock bottom prices

Creating your own products (this is much easier than you think)

How to make more sales by giving products away for free

This must certainly be one of the easiest eBay businesses to set up and run that there is. iphone xs case outlet uk In “How to Profit from Selling Information Products on eBay” I give you the complete blue print to build your own successful eBay business.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this information would cost you an arm and a leg, outlet iphone 7 case and from other sellers it would do but I believe in delivering massive value in my products so I am releasing this bad boy for less than the price of a visit to McDonald’s.

Click the graphic link and find out how you can have your own eBay business up and running in a few hours!

To your success….

Can You Really Make Money Selling e-Books On eBay Part 3

You only get one opportunity to create a first impression! It’s as true in life as it is in business. cheap iphone xr case online So how do so many people get this wrong? If you are selling low cost items on eBay such as a $1-2 eBook then the figures are very important. You could be left with only a few dollars or cents for the work that you have done.

When I wrote my e-course Plugin Auction Profits, I decided to check out my opposition and bought a few eBay products from clickbank and from eBay itself. The eBay ones were low cost products the most expensive being $5.

The $1 products where not worth the $1 which is what I suspected, but I was most surprised that the most expensive at $5 was also the shabbiest. iphone xr case on sales It was sent in a plain blue mailing sack with my name and address scribbled on with marker.

Great first impression!!!

Would you ever buy from that seller again even if what you bough was of a good standard? Probably not, no scrub that definitely not! You see these sellers missed the most important part of this they were after the sale, just the sale instead of offering great value and building a relationship with your customers who would then go on to make further purchases.

Just think if you bought a $5 product and that product was shipped in a CD or DVD case with a cover label the CD was authored as an interactive CD and if your purchase was far more in valuable than the $5 that you had paid. Would you come back for more? Too right!

By spending just a few dollars initially you can build that wow factor into your products. iphone 8 case for sale If you are proficient at photo shop or similar graphic packages you can design your own labels, DVD/CD covers and eBook covers.

If you are not proficient at photoshop simply outsource this work to a freelancer on eLance or a similar site. iphone xr case for sale Or use Fiverr for your outsourcing requirements. cheap iphone 8 case You will find a whole host of vendors that will produce these for you at only $5 a job. The small investment is easily justified by the fact that you can use these items forever in you listings and in packaging your products.

Give the designer a very precise specification for them to work too and make sure that you can have revisions made to the work. Next putting it all together.

Can You Really Make Money Selling e-Books On eBay Part 2

In Part 1, I revealed how to start selling digital products on eBay in this part I will show you a strategy that involves making money after the initial sale. In everything that you sell you must deliver amazing value for money even if you are selling a 99c product. cheap iphone 8 case online That way buyers will recognise value and will return to buy you higher cost products.

Every sale you make should be about building a list of customers not a one off sale.

eBay operate a digital delivery ban so any product you sell must be shipped on a physical medium. There are two basic ways to deliver your eBay products to your customers.

The easy way burn the e-Book to CD and dispatch in a plastic mailing sack, advantage very cheap and easy. iphone 8 case outlet Looks completely unprofessional and I for one would feel cheated if I had paid anymore than 99c for it. The lack of professionalism would stop me from dealing with the seller in the future and they would be dependant on selling to other buyers to sustain the business.

There is an alternative but it is more costly, but in the long term will bring in repeat business. Starting with the disk itself, make the disk auto rum when it is inserted into the CD/DVD drive you can download software that will allow you build an interactive CD for free from one of the many free download sites.

An interactive CD will look very professional no one will ever know that you are working on the dining table on your laptop. If you cannot find a free one that you like then use a service such as elance to find someone who will author a template to your own specification therefore establishing your own distinctive brand. cheap iphone 8 case online You can also add as many pages as you wish simply by copy and pasting.

You can author the pages in a very simple free HTML editor such as NVU or Pagebreeze or if you already have some HTML software just use that. Iphone 8 case A typical CD layout may follow the pattern below.

The first page is a thank you page; it thanks the purchaser and gives contact details for yourself.

It then invites you to click the hyper link “My Purchase” this gives the buyer access to the purchase via the link. Also include a link to download a PDF reader or a zip utility to extract any files in zip format. Recent versions of windows already come with the facility to extract zip files.

Include a page for bonus items again via a link, and add a relevant bonus item of high value. iphone 8 case on sales You can also add an upsell on the same page for a related product. Find a complementary product on clickbank, paydotcom or similar site and promote it via an affiliate link. cheap iphone 8 case outlet This will take the buyer to the sales page for that product and if they buy it you will receive an affiliate commission.

You can add another level to this, giveaway a newletter/free product for signing up to your e-mail list. Do this by another link call it more free stuff or anything that grabs the attention include on this page an optin box to capture there e-mail address. Remember what I said about amazing value.

Add contact details on another page or add another type of offer, the options are endless and may depend on the product you are selling.

You are almost good to go so let’s really make this look professional and grab those repeat sales.

In Part 3 I will give you my strategy for blowing there socks off and getting noticed.

Can You Really Make Money Selling e-Books On eBay Part 1

When you think of low cost e-books then eBay is probably the first place that you think of looking a simple eBay search will return thousands of results and it’s amazing the range of e-books that are available. iphone xs case on sales You can buy products on making money, gambling systems, relieving back pain, how to play the bag pipes etc. But how can we make money selling them ourselves?

e-books have rather a bad name in some quarters with some justification as the general quality of most of these offerings is low; in essence what sort of product can you get for 99c? Usually 99c worth, there are of course exceptions to the rule if you stay away from the bottom end. cheap iphone xs case online There are so many more products that you can sell such as audio products, video products, software etc. outlet iphone xr case online Digital product may be a better description of these items? There really are some gems to be had if you look in the right places.

So where can we obtain products that we can sell on eBay? The quickest and easiest way is to find resale rights products. cheap iphone xs case A Google search will return thousands of hits for reseller licence to products, some companies even specialise in selling these products. outlet iphone xr case online You will need to check out each products licence but most will allow you to resell on eBay and even put your own name on the product.

Look for top selling products on eBay and use these companies to source similar products to the popular sellers on eBay. cheap iphone xr case outlet You can also obtain a huge amount of materials from free giveaway events again there are dozens of these and signing up to them will allow you access to a range of materials that you can resell, but again you will need to check the licence agreements carefully.

So you have a range of products to try, so how can you really make money selling e-books on eBay?

Yes you can, there are several strategies that you can use but is it really a profitable business? Well on the front end yes you can make a living but you will need to sell a high volume of low cost e-Books or fewer higher value items.

10 Guaranteed Ways to Kill Your eBay Business Dead!

Just follow the simple advice given below if you want to kill your eBay business stone dead.

Building your business can be hard work, very hard work, but do you know what is easy? Killing it stone dead is easy; all you will need to do is follow my 10 point plan to success.

  • This is easy! Just lie about the product you are selling, if it doesn’t work just say it does, if it’s not in perfect condition say it is. outlet iphone xr case How easy is that to start with? Incidentally your customers will hate you but hey you could even get banned from eBay so no need for the other 9 points.
  • Don’t bother posting your items until you feel like, after all everyone knows the postal service is slow and patience is a virtue so don’t bother putting yourself out just let them buy from someone else.
  • Don’t bother about planning the end time of your auctions, if anyone wants your item why can’t they stay up until 3 am just like you, even les work to do.
  • Find some real rubbish to sell and try and squeeze every cent you can, after all it’s well know that people pay top prices for garbage on eBay.
  • Any old listing will do make sure that you never spend more than 5 minutes on it. outlet iphone xr case online Don’t forget the gaudy colours and the “cool” fonts and ALWAYS USE CAPITALS. If you really want to impress, find some poor animations and some low quality audio. Make sure that people remember your listing.
  • Never reply to e-mails, I mean its all in the listing isn’t it. Surely people can just read it.
  • Don’t add a photo, too much work, if they want it they will buy it anyway. iphone xr case outlet If you do add a photo make sure it is blurred and the lighting is poor (you may have to wait for exactly the right conditions for this).
  • Write a short description like this. cheap iphone xs case outlet Saves loads of time.
  • Never give a discount, the cheek of it! What’s the problem with paying for two lots of postage, discount for multiple purchases if they want that they can go elsewhere. iphone xs case outlet They will.
  • Don’t list your items for sale, just as easy as the first. outlet iphone 7 case online You can them blame everyone else because the item did not sell first time.

Congratulations if you have followed the plan you have now destroyed your business. iphone xs case outlet uk If for some strange reason you want to succeed in your eBaying then completely ignore this advice.

How To Make Real Money From eBay Part 2

In Part 1 I introduced the concept of using non branded products as opposed to the brand names that we are familiar with. iphone xs case for sale The next part of the process is to find a niche area in which to trade in, it is in the niche areas where we will be making our money. cheap iphone 8 case We don’t want to be competing in the very HOT markets (at least not yet).

Here are just two random examples:

Men’s Shavers: I have just completed a search and found 17 pages of listings with 811 items for sale, 486 of these are for non branded items.

Slimming Belt: 8 pages of listings ALL of these are non branded. outlet iphone xs case Now maybe 8 pages of listings is too many but the use of the auction format will ensure that your item gets exposure on the first page for about a day or so.

Ok Rob, where do we get hold of this Non Branded Stock?

The first port of call should be your local wholesaler; this has the advantage that you can examine the goods before purchase. iphone 7 case outlet uk Most cities have there own wholesale districts so it is worth spending some time to visit a number of warehouses.

The real bargains and therefore the real profits are to be made from importing from the Far East and particularly China. I have imported goods from China for many years without any problems, the price you will pay will depend on currency fluctuations as most Chinese companies trade in the US $.

Remember as always “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware”, do not repeat do not send any money using wire transfer services you have been warned. iphone 8 case for sale Use a credit card or PayPal for the transaction as this will provide you with some measure of protection in case of problems. To cover all the basics will take several thousand words and I don’t have the space or the time to write them.

So here is the deal! You can get me complete guide to sourcing non branded product on a series of 3 videos for FREE. cheap iphone 8 case outlet So here is your DOWNLOAD LINK.


Check back soon for Part 3….

How To Make Real Money From eBay Part 1

The reason that most people use eBay is that they are looking for a bargain. That really MUST have item which is for sale for a few dollars less than it is in the high street or through mail order suppliers. It could really be any product, such as an i-phone, i-pod, GHD hair straighteners or maybe Mac brushes, we all like a bargain.

As a result of this thinking many sellers attempt to “cash” in on popular items with a high volume of sales per week, BIG mistake! Selling branded goods for most eBayers is not the way to make big profits.

Here’s why, with branded goods there is always stiff competition. There will be major Powersellers who will be moving lots of these products on a weekly basis. iphone xs case outlet uk High volume Powersellers will have a major advantage over any newcomer into the market. They will be able to buy in large quantities and so obtain cost savings due to economy of scale AND the fact that they will obtain massive Powerseller discounts.

Following the herd is not the way forward, your profit margins will be razor thin and you will not get the exposure on the site you would wish, most of the big Powersellers will be using fixed price listings which will have high exposure in the search results. iphone 7 case for sale Therefore they will sell more; therefore their listing will be promoted higher and higher. cheap iphone 7 case outlet This is the massive anomaly in the eBay system; some sellers never get their fixed price listing seen.

You can resort to using the auction system in which case you listing will eventually find its way on the first page of eBay search results. iphone 7 case for sale However you may be unable to compete on price remember economies of scale and discounts? Game over? I think not.

The way to make profits is to offer Private Label and Non Branded Products for sale. cheap iphone 8 case online Amongst the many branded items there will be a huge number of non branded products. iphone 7 case outlet These sell at much lower prices that the equivalent branded item, but they are very much cheaper to buy in than the branded item.

Ok Rob that sounds great but what are non branded products?

To give an example of hair straighteners there are lots of well known brand names such as GHD, Nicky Clarke, BaByliss etc which command a very high price on eBay and Amazon etc. cheap iphone 7 case But there are literally thousands of manufacturers who produce similar products except that they do not have a “brand name”.

A Little Known Strategy To Get Your Slice Of The Huge ‘eBay Pie’

eBay is THE marketplace, iphone xr case for sale you can buy and sell almost anything to almost anyone. It, therefore, outlet iphone 8 case online provides an unrivalled way to make money quickly and easily without the tedious commute, iphone xr case on sales the long hours, the unsympathetic boss.

Most people are excited when first discovering this vast and vibrant marketplace, excited but confused!

“What do I sell?” is the most common question budding eBay entrepreneurs ask when faced with the thousands of eBay categories.

Stuart Turnbull faced the same challenge 4 years ago before he chanced upon the basis of his strategy. He spent the next 4 years researching, testing and refining his idea into a plan that ANYONE can follow to make incredible eBay profits. iphone 7 case outlet uk Stuart is now revealing the secret of his success in Prints Make Profits for less than $20 you can be running your own successful eBay business.

No special equipment is required, cheap iphone xs case you can be up and running within days for a few dollars and an hour or 2 a day is all that is required to operate this business successfully. This must be one of the easiest business start ups ever.

So now you have the secret to the perfect eBay product there really is no excuse for not grabbing your slice of that pie! You can even test out Prints Make Profits for 60 days RISK FREE. Iphone 8 case Be the change you want to see in your life, iphone 7 case on sales start your own business today……

Learn The 10 Digit Code For Making Money On Ebay And Amazon

Forget The Da Vinci Code which made Dan Brown millions, forget the so called hidden codes that lead to the treasures of the Pharaohs or the secret treasure of the Inca’s. iphone 8 case for sale What if there were a code that would ensure success on eBay or Amazon. iphone 7 case on sales Well there is and I am about to reveal it now!

This must be the easiest way of making real money on Amazon there is, this well known 10 digit code can make the difference between failure and success.

Amazon is a world wide brand, its core business is still books CD’s and DVD’s, the thought of even competing with them would send a shiver down most peoples spines. iphone xs case outlet But you can compete and what’s more Amazon actually encourages you to do so, so why would they do that? Well Amazon deal with new stock so if you are selling the same article used (or even new if you can offer a competitive price) then you can compete.

Amazon allows you to trade in its market place selling most of the things that are sold on eBay. Amazon allow you to set the price and you can also see how much other sellers are selling the same item for, it also has the great advantage that the postal charges are set so everyone is charging the same amount. outlet iphone 7 case online When the item sells, Amazon takes a percentage of the sale, they do not charge a listing fee. iphone 7 case for sale No sale no fees!

Here’s how it works, every book has an ISBN number (the 10 digit code) just try entering this number in a search and you will see all the sellers selling the same item and also the price they are selling it at. Now notice the prices, try a popular book, how about The Da Vinci Code? Selling for a few cents right, no good to us, so try this then. outlet iphone xr case online Academic, Hobby and Specialist books sell for much much more and the great news is they are cheaper to buy used.

So where do you find these gems, try your local charity shops, garage sales, table sales, the free ads papers. Picture this in your local charity shop, on the shelf Dan Brown and “The Geology of Scotland” selling at the same price just a dollar or two, there is no big demand in the charity shop for The Geology of Scotland no one will be queuing around the corner for this! Resale value Dan Brown a dollar or two at best, The Geology of Scotland $60 resale value. cheap iphone 7 case online It’s a no brainer, this is a real example of a sale I made recently and there are literally hundreds of these gems to be found.