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One Month Mentorship By John Thornhill My Unique Bonuses!!

Hi all, in case you didn’t know John Thornhill is releasing his One Month Mentor program as a WSO today, it will only be around for 7 days so if you want this get it fast! Click HERE or on the graphic to get the full skinny on this amazing offer

Here are my STRICTLY LIMITED BONUSES for buying through my link.

  • My personal help and support throughout the whole program via Skype, e-mail telephone etc no matter how long you too takes to complete the program. cheap iphone 8 case outlet Real world price… Invaluable
  • My help and advice to create your own profitable product and a guaranteed promotion of your product to my entire list.
  • And something I have never done before! I am granting the Resale Rights to my own successful product 12 Roads to Success which has earned me in excess of $5000.

This sells on Clickbank for $27 on a daily basis. cheap iphone xs case You will have the rights to resell this product AND keep 100% of the profits. cheap iphone xs case I will also include the sales letter graphics and all the marketing materials you will need to put you miles ahead of the competition. iphone 7 case outlet uk The complete product ready to go. outlet iphone 7 case Here are my unique bonuses if you purcase through my link

Because of the nature of the bonuses they are strictly limited to the first 25 purchases through my link. outlet iphone xs case You will see no doubt all kind of silly claims about the value of bonuses.

What Is The Easiest Way To Start A Business.

Starting any business is a big step particularly if it is your first. How often have you spoken to or heard of people who have gone ahead into business without any real experience or a definite plan? They just think of an idea and do it, not many of these ventures succeed.

No matter how much we research an idea, spend months planning and preparing there really is no substitute for experience. The information, insight and advice you can get from someone who has been there and done that is invaluable. I guess what I am saying here is that if you are serious about making money whether online or offline you need a mentor to show you the way. cheap iphone 8 case online Someone who will teach you the skills you need to learn, tell you how to avoid the pitfalls.

Last year I decided to look for a mentor, you see I already had a highly successful eBay business selling physical products which runs on complete autopilot. outlet iphone xs case online A chance remark from a friend who I helped with his now very successful eBay business set me thinking.

“Why don’t you write a book and show people how they can setup their own business?” This sparked a thought, so I set to writing it but after a few weeks it had stalled, I did not have a clue how to write it or lay it out. iphone 8 case on sales That is when I got an e-mail from John Thornhill about the launch of his Masterclass program. outlet iphone xs case I had known of John for several years and had bought a few of his eBay products. John has an enviable reputation amongst marketers for his honesty can commitment to his customers. These sorts of things go a very long way in inspiring confidence.

I read Johns program outline, it was exactly what I was looking for to help me write and sell my book. cheap iphone xs case outlet I signed up for the 36 week course (which is now at week 42! with more to come). As ever John over delivered both in content and duration. iphone xs case outlet Read my review of the 2009 program HERE.

Johns 20101 program has just launched and already a third of the places have been taken. cheap iphone xr case If you want this year to be the year you make the change and the break through then to find out more click the link and see the unique bonus that I am offering to any of my subscribers that sign up for the Masterclass through my link.

It’s Alive and Kicking!

Build your list with Giveaway Events

What is the best way of building your list? Well there are many ways and the savvy marketer will have many tools in their armoury to help them do this. iphone 7 case on sales One of them is the free giveaway events, its premise is very simple you add a free gift to the event organisers website, in return for an optin to your list you offer a free gift of (and this is important) value to your subscriber.

The great part of this apart from list building is the information that you can download as much free stuff as you wish in exchange for signing up to the contributors list. iphone xs case outlet In my last blog post I mentioned 2 of these events; the first one went live yesterday the 5th Jan. iphone xs case outlet

So what is it like? Well I have been massively impressed with the number of gifts on offer nearly 500 at the time of writing, but the most impressive part has been the sheer quality of the gifts on offer. Yes I admit it I have downloaded a fair few of these; I can see where I can use some of this information to expand my own business and improve my websites.

Its not too late to contribute a gift to the event, but hurry as it closes on Tuesday Jan 19th click the banner to find out more about the event.

If you think that you cannot get a gift ready in time then there is also the Naked Giveaway event which runs from Jan 11th until Jan 25th. cheap iphone xs case online Get in early and setup your own gift. cheap iphone xs case outlet Even though the gift you offer is free offer excellent value. I am offering my own directory of wholesale sources that I use to source stock for my own eBay/Amazon business.

Masterclass Has Talent!!

I must admit that until this year that I had doubts about the quality of “information products” on sale over the internet. Lots of poor quality e-books with poor quality information. iphone 7 case outlet uk In my earlier posts I evaluated the quality of some of the “make money on eBay” products for sale on the site itself. iphone xs case for sale I paid 99p for the cheapest offering and got 99p worth of value. iphone 7 case outlet I also paid the princely sum of £4.95 for the most expensive this was worth about 99p. iphone 7 case outlet It was years out of date (2003).

Think of it from the point of view of the buyer, so you don’t always get what you pay for! This week I have had the privilege of reading two e-books that are nearing completion from other masterclass student. outlet iphone xs case online The experience could not have been more different, these books were packed and I do mean packed with quality information. Both were well written, well researched, easy to follow and superbly presented. iphone 8 case for sale Quality work up to the minute, and targeted at two different niche markets.

Although I had changed my mind about Information Products some months ago this was a Damascene moment for me. iphone xr case for sale The ability to make something so current and so quickly make changes to keep it up to date sell this for me as the way to go.

Join Me And Make Money Special Report

Last week I launched Plugin Auction Profits, iphone xs case on sales this week I am giving away a free report based on the full product. It is a 20 page no fluff, iphone 7 case on sales no padding no filler report. outlet iphone xs case online A step by step outline for trading on eBay, Amazon and beyond.

Plugin Auction Profits Special Report

You may do whatever you like with the report, you can sell it on eBay (or anywhere else) and keep 100% of the profits for yourself, you can give it away, outlet iphone xr case online and you can include it on membership sites you can give it away as a bonus. iphone xr case outlet All I ask is the content remains unchanged.

Better still you can rebrand the report so that you receive a massive 50% commission on all sales of the full product made through the links in your rebranded copy of the report. cheap iphone xs case I have provided all the tools you will need to rebrand and sell it, I have provided the rebranding tool, cheap iphone xr case outlet and the instruction on how to do it (drag and drop your copy of the report into the rebranding window and enter your clickbank ID).


After a monumental struggle I have finished, almost (why does there always seem to be an almost?). iphone xr case on sales I have finished work for six weeks and returned to my office Dr. cheap iphone xs case outlet Duncan’s public house in Liverpool to complete the long hand version of my e-book. cheap iphone xr case outlet Away from all the distractions of home and the endless series of 5 minute jobs to do whilst I am doing nothing that make up the vast majority of the days.

No interruptions, from anyone apart from the Everton fan who wanted to discuss the past glories of Everton whenever they were! However, he did the honourable thing and did one when he found out I was a red. iphone 8 case for sale Oh, just realised that I need to do another series of screen grabs before the draft is finished. iphone xs case outlet uk Oh hum, think I was too ambitious on this my first product and should have stuck to something shorter, but quite proud of what I have achieved so far.

I really never thought I could finish this, I hope this provides some encouragement for all those other students (like myself) who have fallen behind, that you can do it. iphone xr case outlet Remember why we all decided to do this in the first place to make a better future for ourselves and our loved ones.


Hi Guys, have noticed that over the past few weeks that I have been visiting other student’s blogs less frequently than before. iphone xr case outlet uk I guess with all the product development going on there has been less time available for doing it.

I have decided that I will try to visit a few each day, there is some fantastic content and resources on these blogs. iphone xr case for sale I cannot believe the amount of knowledge I have gained just from reading them. Iphone 8 case I have also gained so much confidence in dealing with technical aspects of the internet. cheap iphone xs case online There is always someone with the know how willing to help out. It is most appreciated.

The opportunities to help forge partnerships and joint ventures are endless. iphone xs case for sale I will also be posting this on the masterclass forum. How about subscribing to the blogs that interest you? Or just the ones associated with your own product development. I have subscribed to a few students blogs and have found the content excellent.

The Great Camtasia, FedEx and Cough Mixture Conspiracy

One of the things that John Thornhill has emphasised time and time again is to offer incredible value. iphone 7 case on sales Now I don’t really know how his students on the 16 week course managed to keep up because I am about 8 weeks behind already. iphone 7 case outlet Ok, let’s add some value….. Record an audio, so I ordered two headsets with microphones and an adapter to use them both at the same time, did some test recordings using sound recorder, worked like a dream. So the morning of the big recording I asked my friend who is a fledgling eBayer to draw up some questions and we would record the interview, straight forward.

Did it work? Did it hell, took me a full 30 mins to work out the problem, I had downloaded the 30 day version of Camtasia video recording and editing software the previous night to try it out. The consequences of that, well Camtasia becomes the default recorder for audio, quite what happens when the 30 day trial expires I do not know. outlet iphone xr case online Anyway recorded the interview which sounds a bit contrived to start with but becomes a two way conversation as it progresses and not my usual monolog. iphone xs case on sales Audio sorted! Let’s do some video, after quite a few test recordings I started to do my Amazon series first, 3 or 4 minutes at a time showing how to setup a selling account in market place and how to list books and other items.

So here we go, the last and longest, everything going great, phone goes while recording, its FedEx, “listen mush stump up the VAT now or you don’t get your order”, “but I’m just about to list The Geology of Scotland”. cheap iphone xr case outlet “Just hand the wonga over”. outlet iphone 7 case online Start again, 6 mins in take coughing fit. iphone 8 case outlet Take 3, going great guns… Beep,beep,beep car alarm goes off, scrap it again. Hoping to get it done later, maybe I can book myself into a padded cell away from all distractions.

See you soon… Maybe… “No Egor put him down!” “But master he’s told us nothing!”


p.s. Q. Hey Rob, why do so many e-mails use such silly names for money in there titles or content or use F.wee or variations of the word free? A.

Don’t Tell Alistair Darling!

About what you may ask? Well last week I made 35 cents! No I’m not trying to avoid paying tax on it. I know it’s hardly headline news, but it’s something that Alistair might want to consider. Ok, I haven’t gone mad (well not yet anyway). The 35 cents is what I have made using Google Adsence on my blog. If many streams make a river, many trickles make a stream. cheap iphone 7 case How did I make it?

Well I signed up for John Thornhills Masterclass. Impressed is not the word, well it is without consulting my thesaurus. iphone 8 case on sales The video training content and the support documentation is superb. iphone 8 case outlet uk Well presented throughout, carefully structured to ensure steady progress, just long enough to cover each topic and packed with relevant content. The great part is that you can view the task several times to gain an understanding of each task. Pause the video and perform each little task before moving on to the next stage. It just like having John looking over your shoulder and teaching you step by step.

Part of the program in week 6 is to visit all the other blogs to see how these are progressing and to get some ideas for content for my own blog. outlet iphone 8 case online I have been amazed at how different each of these look; the graphics are fantastic, well done Steve. There is brilliant content on these sites, if you haven’t checked these out yet please do. I have had some traffic to my blog this week with some very kind and helpful comments left, thanks guys. cheap iphone 8 case online The post that has had the biggest reaction so far is one I titled in Italian. iphone 8 case outlet So the papers have it right, an eye catching or unusual headline does catch the eye.

It’s Live!!

Plugin Auction Profits, my first information product is live on clickbank. iphone 8 case outlet uk I gained approval late on Friday evening, made my payment on Saturday morning. cheap iphone 7 case online It takes about 24 hours to go live.

Check out the sales page by visiting

The product consists of 3 Modules (over 120 pages), a ride along workbook, A Secret Sources Revealed e-Book which gives a comprehensive list of suppliers that the Powersellers use to buy their stock. cheap iphone xr case outlet These are the suppliers I use in my own business.


What you will find:

  • How to start your business with next to nothing in the way of cash (no its not drop shipping)
  • Where and how the eBay Powersellers obtain their stock
  • I will reveal the exact recession proof markets ready for you to plunder
  • How to expand your eBay business to Powerseller level and join the eBay elite
  • The EXACT emails and strategies I use to source stock for resale on eBay, Amazon and beyond
  • The simple strategy that will explode your sales, 99% of eBayers fail to use this simple method. outlet iphone xs case
  • How to compete with the major Powersellers without competing with them
  • How to expand your business beyond eBay, most eBay traders fail to make the money that they should do because they fail to do use this simple strategy

There are 19 step by step videos that cover selling on eBay, Amazon and sourcing stock for resale, plus an audio interview with a Powerseller all for an introductory price of $27. iphone 8 case for sale I am also offering free updates for life.

I will have available later in the week a 20 page special report; this will be available FREE to my subscribers.