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New Year New Start!

What do you intend to do in 2011? Have you thought of some New Year resolutions? Made some promises to yourself? I have made my own promises and made a list of what I want to accomplish in 2011. Most of these are just personal goals but one of them is to give even more value to my subscribers this year and to help as many of you as possible to start your own profitable business for as little as possible.

If you are serious about starting your own business then what I have for you this year will certainly help! Let’s start by what may be holding you back. One of the problems may be not knowing how or where to start. The first thing that most of us would do is to search online for information I have just googled Make Money and there was 424,000,000 results returned, overwhelming to say the least.

Amongst the sort of things you will find will be:

Buy this and retire in 20 Mins. Not fast enough for me!

New loophole in Google make millions!! Really.

15 year old Myra Binglebatt shows you how to buy your own car, house and island working only 3 minutes a day only 14 spots left. I hope I’m not too late.

Ok I exaggerate (only slightly) but not by much but the common thread through all this is you stump up your hard earned cash in the hope of emulating young Myra. iphone xr case for sale Maybe buy a bigger island, a faster car and a more expensive mansion. iphone 8 case outlet uk If you can do all this in just 2 minutes a day all the better.

We have all been stung by this type of hype, even me. iphone xs case on sales I once bought a “Millionaire” system complete with product, website and everything you need to get it up and running online. So easy a child could do it.

Well I couldn’t, the licence gave the minimum price the product could be sold at and I thought it represented very poor value at that price. It came with ad copy intended for direct mailing that did not relate directly to the product it mentioned items that were not part of the product for sale. outlet iphone xs case online Some of the bonus disks were unreadable no information on how to upload or edit the website and worst of all no reply to my support e-mails until this guy wanted to sell me something else!!

Oh and by the way this cost me $850 of my hard earned. This is exactly what gets Internet selling a bad name and tars everyone with the same brush.

Believe it or not there are some businesses that you can start on a shoestring and this year I am going to help as many people as possible by providing as many free or inexpensive ways as possible to get you started as soon as possible.

Here are just 3 ideas to get you up and running today, yes today.

Start an eBay business, if you already have an eBay account why not sell the unwanted presents you have received and grab yourself some capital you can reinvest to make more. cheap iphone xr case online Want to know more about eBay first then grab my free eBay guide HERE.

Use Amazon to sell, most people will only ever think of eBay but Amazon Market place is a vibrant selling platform and has the advantage that there is no bidding, you set the price and Amazon set the postage costs. You will often find that some items will command a much higher price on Amazon.

Sell you books on Amazon, simply insert the ISBN number to see the possible resale value of your books. cheap iphone xr case Now your Dan Brown will only be worth a few cents each but academic, instructional and technical books have a much higher resale value and will be worth far more. cheap iphone xr case online De-clutter your home and see what else you can find to sell. Want more information on how to do this? Then download my Amazon video series for FREE HERE.

Finally something to think about, can you find poorly listed books on eBay that you can resell on Amazon? Bet you can, or grab some new stock for just a few dollars at garage sales or charity shops. None of this will make you a fortune but there are sizable businesses that can be built from these modest beginnings.

72 Hours Of Madness: Don’t Miss Out!

You may think that he’s gone mad! Well if he has it will only be for 72 hours, what am I talking about? It’s the amazing opportunity John Thornhill is offering to get hold of almost all of his top selling products for a song. cheap iphone xs case outlet In his 72 hours of madness event.

John Thornhill is a highly respected marketer living in the UK some would call him a guru; however John would wince at that, you see John is just a straight up honest ordinary guy with an extraordinary talent. John’s passion is teaching others how to make money online by following in his footsteps.

John used to work in a car assembly plant and hated every minute of it, but John had a dream, to escape that existence and work for himself. John worked hard and is now living that dream, he has also helped countless others do the same.

John sells information and he had created a series of best selling products that teaches how you can do the same. If you want to be a success online follow someone who is. cheap iphone 7 case online I chose John as my personal mentor in 2009 and it was the best business decision I have ever made now for just 72 hours of madness you can grab the best investment you can make in your future for only $97.

Here are just a few of the products on offer

John’s flagship product that has helped thousands of people get started online. He shows you everything you need to know about the eBook business from creating your own information product to selling information products on eBay. He also supplies you with your very own eBook website as part of 72 hours of madness.

If you want to get started online selling information products this is the perfect product for you.

This product originally launched back in 2007 but still contains information that is as relevant today as it always was. In this 7 day home study course I show you how to take any information products with resale rights sitting on your hard drive and turn them into a profit pulling machine that runs on autopilot you will also receive teh 2010 update as part of the 72 hours of madness.

Auction Profit Streams is John’s most successful eBook with over 10,000 copies sold in digital format and in print format. This eBook basically covers everything you need to know about setting up an information marketing business using eBay.

He covers everything he knows based on 5 years experience selling information products on eBay. If you really want to get started selling information on eBay this is the eBook for you.

This is this big one, Johns Online Training launched only a few months ago in December 2009 and access currently costs $497. This site keeps getting bigger by the day and is the site where you help me create the content. iphone 8 case outlet uk There is a members only forum where John get involved and help answer anyone’s questions and generate content based on the questions I receive.

John has consulted with many members on a personal level and all of the content created is made available to all members.

Plus MUCH MUCH MORE, full details below.

Live 1 on 1 Recorded Consultation:
Value = At least $497
You will receive the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 live consultation. John will personally record a live consultation with you, giving you an ‘instant’ product to sell or use to build your list. He will even promote the consultation to his entire subscriber database if requested giving you the boost your business needs. You can consult with him anytime in 2010. Those that know what this can do for their business will snap this up just for this offer alone.

You will also receive a direct line to his office for the next 8 weeks:
Total Value = $3976
you may or may not know John have recently moved into a brand new purpose built office. He now have everything completely up and running and the fact is he can now dedicate more time to helping others on a more personal level. iphone 8 case on sales Up to one hour of his time per week (Monday – Thursday) to helping you build your business one on one via telephone for the next 8 weeks. He could easily charge $497 per week for this. Of course if you don’t want to talk on the phone he will use email, it’s up to you.

A complete review of your entire business model:
Value = $997
John will completely review everything you have accomplished online so far and work out a personal plan of attack for you to take your business to the next level and beyond. outlet iphone xr case online Once again you will be working with him on a personal level as he helps you to grow your business. He will show you which of the products (that you have already paid for) will help you move forward. No need to overload yourself with products you don’t need.

The ultimate reward, personal support during a product launch:
Value = Could be up to $30,000 or more
I personally know how to create and launch a successful product; I have also developed a friendship with a list of highly respected marketers. How would you like them to become involved with your next product launch? Well it can happen; John has helped some of his subscribers receive promo’s off some of the biggest names in the business resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in sales. He can personally put you in touch with some of the internets most respected marketers. You simply can’t put a price on what that could do for your business.


Your Own eBook Business $97

Resale Rights Blueprint $97

Auction Profit Streams $47

John’s Online Training $497

The 7 Key Elements $10

Profit From PLR $97

PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Monthly $300

JV Auction Profits $10

eBook 2 Book $27

The Ninety Day PowerSeller Challenge $10

Resale Rights Roadmap $10

Recorded Consultation $497

Direct Office Line $3976

Complete Business Review $997

Plus Unadvertised Bonuses $???

Total $6673 But only for the next 72 hours

Check out the full details of 72 hours of madness, but remember when it’s gone it’s gone….Rob

Just Added My Mega Bonus

Here is my Mega Bonus for purchases made through my link. I am working on a new product “The Easiest Business Start Ups For Under $100”, this is for both online and offline businesses. This is in an advanced state of preparation and will consist of an eBook and a series of videos to get your business off to a flying start at a minimum of costs.

I am granting the resale rights to this product for all purchases made through my link. I am thinking of selling this at $47 and there will be a full range of materials for you to use to promote the product. You get to keep 100% of the money you make selling this product. You will be off to a flyer immediately and when you create your own product I will promote that product to my list you can do this anytime during 2010. So two for the price of one, this is the type of start I would have wanted when I started.

Here’s how to claim your bonus items, simply e-mail a copy of you invoice to me at admin at (use the @ symbol instead of at) with the message line 72hour mega bonus, I will be in touch.

What Is The Easiest Way To Start A Business.

Starting any business is a big step particularly if it is your first. How often have you spoken to or heard of people who have gone ahead into business without any real experience or a definite plan? They just think of an idea and do it, not many of these ventures succeed.

No matter how much we research an idea, spend months planning and preparing there really is no substitute for experience. The information, insight and advice you can get from someone who has been there and done that is invaluable. I guess what I am saying here is that if you are serious about making money whether online or offline you need a mentor to show you the way. cheap iphone 8 case online Someone who will teach you the skills you need to learn, tell you how to avoid the pitfalls.

Last year I decided to look for a mentor, you see I already had a highly successful eBay business selling physical products which runs on complete autopilot. outlet iphone xs case online A chance remark from a friend who I helped with his now very successful eBay business set me thinking.

“Why don’t you write a book and show people how they can setup their own business?” This sparked a thought, so I set to writing it but after a few weeks it had stalled, I did not have a clue how to write it or lay it out. iphone 8 case on sales That is when I got an e-mail from John Thornhill about the launch of his Masterclass program. outlet iphone xs case I had known of John for several years and had bought a few of his eBay products. John has an enviable reputation amongst marketers for his honesty can commitment to his customers. These sorts of things go a very long way in inspiring confidence.

I read Johns program outline, it was exactly what I was looking for to help me write and sell my book. cheap iphone xs case outlet I signed up for the 36 week course (which is now at week 42! with more to come). As ever John over delivered both in content and duration. iphone xs case outlet Read my review of the 2009 program HERE.

Johns 20101 program has just launched and already a third of the places have been taken. cheap iphone xr case If you want this year to be the year you make the change and the break through then to find out more click the link and see the unique bonus that I am offering to any of my subscribers that sign up for the Masterclass through my link.

10 Guaranteed Ways to Kill Your eBay Business Dead!

Just follow the simple advice given below if you want to kill your eBay business stone dead.

Building your business can be hard work, very hard work, but do you know what is easy? Killing it stone dead is easy; all you will need to do is follow my 10 point plan to success.

  • This is easy! Just lie about the product you are selling, if it doesn’t work just say it does, if it’s not in perfect condition say it is. outlet iphone xr case How easy is that to start with? Incidentally your customers will hate you but hey you could even get banned from eBay so no need for the other 9 points.
  • Don’t bother posting your items until you feel like, after all everyone knows the postal service is slow and patience is a virtue so don’t bother putting yourself out just let them buy from someone else.
  • Don’t bother about planning the end time of your auctions, if anyone wants your item why can’t they stay up until 3 am just like you, even les work to do.
  • Find some real rubbish to sell and try and squeeze every cent you can, after all it’s well know that people pay top prices for garbage on eBay.
  • Any old listing will do make sure that you never spend more than 5 minutes on it. outlet iphone xr case online Don’t forget the gaudy colours and the “cool” fonts and ALWAYS USE CAPITALS. If you really want to impress, find some poor animations and some low quality audio. Make sure that people remember your listing.
  • Never reply to e-mails, I mean its all in the listing isn’t it. Surely people can just read it.
  • Don’t add a photo, too much work, if they want it they will buy it anyway. iphone xr case outlet If you do add a photo make sure it is blurred and the lighting is poor (you may have to wait for exactly the right conditions for this).
  • Write a short description like this. cheap iphone xs case outlet Saves loads of time.
  • Never give a discount, the cheek of it! What’s the problem with paying for two lots of postage, discount for multiple purchases if they want that they can go elsewhere. iphone xs case outlet They will.
  • Don’t list your items for sale, just as easy as the first. outlet iphone 7 case online You can them blame everyone else because the item did not sell first time.

Congratulations if you have followed the plan you have now destroyed your business. iphone xs case outlet uk If for some strange reason you want to succeed in your eBaying then completely ignore this advice.

“The Challenge”

“The Challenge.” “What is it?” Absolutely the best FREE training on the web today.

“Hey look Rob we have heard all about so called free training before, so what’s the catch?”


“Is it a $1 free trail to an expensive continuity program?”


“Oh right, I have to give my credit card number for something hidden away in the small print.”


“Tell me more, there has to be a cost somewhere right, so what is it?”

“Ok I’ll come clean, Iphone 8 case there is a cost, the cost is in your time and some hard work, cheap iphone 7 case all the training, all the support and all the information you will need is 100% free.”

“If you are really serious about building an online business instead of just dreaming about it then you really need to grab this with both hands.”

If you are really up for the challenge then here’s what to expect. You will need to give up 30 minutes a day to view the training materials and complete the tasks set. Unlike its predecessor, iphone 7 case for sale “The 30 day Challenge” you will get some “days off” before the next phase starts.

There will be video training, cheap iphone xs case audios and top class information from top class marketers showing you how you can build you can build your online business fast, it really does not matter what your online interests are.

“Wow, will it suit everyone?”

“Sadly not, only those people who are will to take the action step and give it a real go.”

This is seriously life changing stuff, iphone xr case outlet uk to join “The Challenge” click the link and sign up, already you will have taken the first action step! Hope to meet you in “The Challenge Forum”.

Internet Marketing For Newbies

If you are terrified of starting online and really do not know where to start then I have some great news I have just completed a Newbie’s startup guide. cheap iphone xr case Internet Marketing For Newbies. iphone 8 case outlet uk This is a step by step account of how you can start your online business today!

Internet Marketing for Newbies is broken up into 3 parts

Part 1: Making a start, cheap iphone xs case outlet which explains the basics of starting online the how to do rather than the how not to do. outlet iphone xs case Give your business the edge by looking professional from the start.

Part 2: How to promote your site, outlet iphone 8 case online driving targeted customers to your products and services and how to launch a simple marketing campaign.

Part 3: More advanced tactics, iphone 8 case outlet the information that will give your sites and your business the edge over the competition and how to stay ahead of the competition.


I am intending to launch this as a paid product in the next week or two BUT I am offering it to my subscribers and visitor for a limited time FREE but this will be severely time limited and I will remove the link when it is on sale so grab your copy whilst it is still free….

Introducing Freebie Friday!

“Ok Rob what is Freebie Friday?”

“Well it’s very simple, when people search online for ways to grow their online business, or are just looking for great advice on how to get started, the major problem is information overload.”

If you are like me your e-mail inbox gets filled everyday with dubious offers to buy this, that or the next best thing that will allow you to start your business or catapult your business into the stratosphere. iphone 7 case for sale A lot of the information being offered is already available free on the internet. iphone xr case outlet uk The major problem is where do you start looking for quality information that will allow you to make the informed decisions that you need to make.

Well you won’t need to do all these hours of searching online, getting distracted by one thing and then another because I have done it all for you. cheap iphone xr case outlet You see after doing this for some years it has become easy for me to separate the online wheat from the online chaff.

Basically with Freebie Friday I will be giving you access to all the quality information you will need to start and grow your own successful business.

“Ok Rob that sounds great, but what do you class as quality information?”

“Right this is simple, it’s information that I have used, applied and found useful in building my own business, just pure quality information, no fluff no rubbish.”

“So what types of information will be available on Freebie Friday?”

“The very first offering will is a complete video course showing you how you can start to profit from trading on Amazon starting today for only a few dollars and I do mean a few dollars. iphone 8 case for sale This is a complete business plan for starting and growing your Amazon business, I could easily charge $67 for this product but to launch Freebie Friday it’s FREE of course, plus some great information products that you can download and start profiting from.”

“Hey that sounds cool, what else will you be offering?”

“I will have available some top products for the some of the very best marketers such as Lee McIntyre, Ray Johnson, Stephen Pierce, John Thornhill and many many others (including me!).”

“Stick around it will be one hell of a ride!”

Put this date in your diary, Freebie Friday launches Friday 26th Feb.

How To Make Real Money From eBay Part 2

In Part 1 I introduced the concept of using non branded products as opposed to the brand names that we are familiar with. iphone xs case for sale The next part of the process is to find a niche area in which to trade in, it is in the niche areas where we will be making our money. cheap iphone 8 case We don’t want to be competing in the very HOT markets (at least not yet).

Here are just two random examples:

Men’s Shavers: I have just completed a search and found 17 pages of listings with 811 items for sale, 486 of these are for non branded items.

Slimming Belt: 8 pages of listings ALL of these are non branded. outlet iphone xs case Now maybe 8 pages of listings is too many but the use of the auction format will ensure that your item gets exposure on the first page for about a day or so.

Ok Rob, where do we get hold of this Non Branded Stock?

The first port of call should be your local wholesaler; this has the advantage that you can examine the goods before purchase. iphone 7 case outlet uk Most cities have there own wholesale districts so it is worth spending some time to visit a number of warehouses.

The real bargains and therefore the real profits are to be made from importing from the Far East and particularly China. I have imported goods from China for many years without any problems, the price you will pay will depend on currency fluctuations as most Chinese companies trade in the US $.

Remember as always “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware”, do not repeat do not send any money using wire transfer services you have been warned. iphone 8 case for sale Use a credit card or PayPal for the transaction as this will provide you with some measure of protection in case of problems. To cover all the basics will take several thousand words and I don’t have the space or the time to write them.

So here is the deal! You can get me complete guide to sourcing non branded product on a series of 3 videos for FREE. cheap iphone 8 case outlet So here is your DOWNLOAD LINK.


Check back soon for Part 3….

How To Make Real Money From eBay Part 1

The reason that most people use eBay is that they are looking for a bargain. That really MUST have item which is for sale for a few dollars less than it is in the high street or through mail order suppliers. It could really be any product, such as an i-phone, i-pod, GHD hair straighteners or maybe Mac brushes, we all like a bargain.

As a result of this thinking many sellers attempt to “cash” in on popular items with a high volume of sales per week, BIG mistake! Selling branded goods for most eBayers is not the way to make big profits.

Here’s why, with branded goods there is always stiff competition. There will be major Powersellers who will be moving lots of these products on a weekly basis. iphone xs case outlet uk High volume Powersellers will have a major advantage over any newcomer into the market. They will be able to buy in large quantities and so obtain cost savings due to economy of scale AND the fact that they will obtain massive Powerseller discounts.

Following the herd is not the way forward, your profit margins will be razor thin and you will not get the exposure on the site you would wish, most of the big Powersellers will be using fixed price listings which will have high exposure in the search results. iphone 7 case for sale Therefore they will sell more; therefore their listing will be promoted higher and higher. cheap iphone 7 case outlet This is the massive anomaly in the eBay system; some sellers never get their fixed price listing seen.

You can resort to using the auction system in which case you listing will eventually find its way on the first page of eBay search results. iphone 7 case for sale However you may be unable to compete on price remember economies of scale and discounts? Game over? I think not.

The way to make profits is to offer Private Label and Non Branded Products for sale. cheap iphone 8 case online Amongst the many branded items there will be a huge number of non branded products. iphone 7 case outlet These sell at much lower prices that the equivalent branded item, but they are very much cheaper to buy in than the branded item.

Ok Rob that sounds great but what are non branded products?

To give an example of hair straighteners there are lots of well known brand names such as GHD, Nicky Clarke, BaByliss etc which command a very high price on eBay and Amazon etc. cheap iphone 7 case But there are literally thousands of manufacturers who produce similar products except that they do not have a “brand name”.

Getting The Most Out Of Something FREE

Free Monthly Websites. Launching at 3 PM EST Tuesday 19th October a great new way of making money and here’s how you can get the most out of the program.

Free Monthly Websites, in my opinion is one of those programs you either know what to do with or you don’t. I will now show you how you can get the most of it and why Free Monthly Websites is such great tool which can earn you an extra income stream to your business for a long time to come.

The Three main categories we need to concentrate on here are:

1, Selling eBooks

2, Writing articles

3, Affiliate promotions

When you first login and download your website follow the tutorials which is very easy to do and eventually get your website onto your webspace. cheap iphone xr case outlet You are presented with a very nice well designed Adsense website.

What can you do with this free website? Well to be honest the free website has duplicate content so you can rule out getting to the top of the search engine rankings, the premier websites are a different kettle of fish all together but I will get to those in a moment.

Take option 1 above ‘Selling eBooks’ if you sell eBooks especially PLR (private Label Content) conversions, you will find Free Monthly Websites have a rather large variety of websites that correspond with a lot of the PLR out there (if you are a premier member you get a bonus PLR eBook). All you need to do is upload your eBook to a convenient location on your webspace and place a few corresponding links inside your PLR eBook for example:

I have a weight loss eBook and a small paragraph saying “there are 100’s ways to lose weight which can be found in various forms from Books to television to fitness programs bla bla bla” you could not take this small paragraph and insert your Free Monthly Websites website link in a prime location for instance “there are 100’s ways to lose weight which can be found in various forms from Books to television to fitness programs the best resource I found is at”

Now imagine you done this to all your eBooks! Simply take a little time upload your Free Monthly Websites website to your webspace then reopen your PLR eBooks and insert the relevant hyperlink which corresponds to your website and there you have it. outlet iphone xr case online For about 2 hours work you have created an income stream for life. Now imagine you have 50 PLR eBooks doing the rounds on eBay or your blog. cheap iphone 7 case outlet Your AdSense revenue is going to creep up and up until you are earning a very respectable income. cheap iphone 7 case online It’s a simple case of wash rinse repeat.

Option number 2 is even easier. cheap iphone xr case online I know most of you will at some point, or do write articles and submit them to relevant article directories. Well why not try writing an article about one of the subjects related to Free Monthly Websites? Upload your website to a location on your webspace, place the link in your article and there you have it, submit to article directories like:

And another income stream will start.

The third option is a little different. Using your Free Monthly Websites affiliate link to promote the website and earn a potential 98.50 per referral. You can place your link in the websites provided for you and in the eBooks you sell and articles you write this can generate a missive earnings income of 98.50.

So with your website up on your webspace and your eBook on eBay and your articles in the article directories, you will be well on your way to earning a nice income from a free resource.

I mentioned earlier your Premier Members website. iphone 8 case for sale These are a fantastic resource and are worth every penny for the simple fact you receive a private label eBook and 20 articles with every Premier Membership website every month. Not only can you use the eBooks and articles in the ways I have explained, you can key word optimize your website for the search engines, change the content and make your sites as original as you like. cheap iphone 7 case In other words you have full edit rights. So if you imagine directing a visitor to your Premier Website via an eBook or article, they will find a fully edited site with offers and affiliate links promotions, and even an Aweber signup box (which you can integrate with a little HTML knowledge) which in turn will create more revenue and more subscribers for you.

My recommendations are if you have a few hours to spare get started with this and you will soon see a Google AdSense income.