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WSO’s The Future Of Marketing?

Warrior Forum Special Offers or WSO’s are all the rage at the moment, my inbox gets clogged up every day with a whole range of WSO’s or WSO of the day. cheap iphone 8 case There are some outstanding products for sale at unbelievable prices and recently there has been an influx of products from highly respected and successful marketers.

Some WSO’s offer outstanding value attracting a high number of visitors and have a huge volume of resulting sales. iphone 8 case outlet Some often very worthy WSO’s attract a much smaller visitor volume. outlet iphone xr case online I have bought a few WSO’s recently that will help me grow my business.

Clearly some offers are going to convert much better than others and some money making/automation/simple step methods will be more popular than others. iphone xs case on sales But and this is a valid point you see some offers where you feel the seller hasn’t got it right for some reason, maybe the sales copy is not right, or that they don’t come over as being very helpful, or you find out you need to take an upsell to get the product to work (doesn’t that just suck!!).

I have been wanting to run a WSO’s on some of my own products but felt that I needed some advice. cheap iphone 7 case outlet So a few weeks ago I contacted my mentor John Thornhill who has recently run some very successful WSO’s. cheap iphone xs case In his reply John told be he was preparing a step by step training course called WSO Domination that would show all you need to do to prepare and launch a WSO.

I decided to hold fire and get this exactly right and I am glad I did. cheap iphone 7 case outlet WSO Domination gives you everything that you need to prepare and launch, manage and profit from your own WSO.

This Comprehensive Blueprint Covers:

* Phase One – Theory

9 Part Step by step training

* Phase Two – Listing a WSO

8 Part Detailed Steps

* Phase Three – Making Money

5 Part Step by Step (monkey see monkey do) Training

* Advanced Training

6 Part ‘Must Have’ breakdowns

* Extras

WSO Domination Mind Map

100 Niche List Mind Map

Bonus Software (sells for $97) – EXTREMELY Helpful!

More Useful Software (sells For $27) – Major Time Saver

PLUS Two Extra Bonuses ($47 & $27 Value) – Helpful for beginners!

The training is Seriously Step By Step and comes in the following formats:







Making them easily accessible to Anyone and Everyone regardless of their preferred learning style or method!

Regarding the actual content, it appears that no stone has been left unturned in ensuring this is not a teaser program that leaves people stuck on various aspects, or searching for weeks to learn how to do some of the basic things needed!

There is an upsell, BUT you DON’T need this to make this work!!

Checkout the Video HERE

Overall it would seem that EVERY ASPECT has genuinely been covered in this STEP by STEP course that will guide the buyers/student to FINALLY seeing results that other programs would have you believe possible, but then go on to be yet another too complicated, too time consuming or parts missing type of program.

WSO Domination isn’t a quick read report, and is in fact a full blown training course laid out in a step by step manner for all levels of marketers to be able to take advantage of.

It’s filled with content that genuinely covers every aspect step by step.

The bonuses are actually useful and make a great addition to the main core training.

All in all – this product is Excellent Value for money and I feel confident it will actually help a lot of people get started in finally getting a return on their investment of both time and money they have made in searching for genuine income methods that work in the online marketplace.

My Recommendation:

Check it out, and if you either have the ability yourself to create products, or the knowledge to outsource product creation.

Personal Milestone 500+ Sales For November

Short and Sweet Post My Personal Milestone!

Today I passed 500 sales (519 actually) for the month of November selling on Amazon Kindle. cheap iphone 8 case online Here’s my free report on how I sell on Kindle and other eBook sites if you want to take a look! Just click on the image.

FREE Report

Or, iphone 8 case for sale full steam ahead to the Step by Step Blueprint, iphone xs case on sales Click the image:


How to Succeed Online: And Why So Many Fail

What is the quickest way to making a fortune online? I don’t know and I don’t know anyone that does either. iphone 7 case outlet uk Yet, when you read sales pages online or the adverts that arrive as junk mail on a weekly basis it is easy to convince yourself that it IS easy after all isn’t that what the experts tell you? Not convinced? Then you really need to read this report.


Believe me there is no overnight way to making it big online overnight, what is needed is to learn and apply a new skill set. iphone 8 case on sales Add to that a determination to succeed and you have exactly what you need to be a success.

The good news is that it is entirety possible to learn and apply these skills quickly it is much easier to do than anyone would imagine. cheap iphone xs case So how can you learn these skills? Well if you follow all the sales letters you can grab a whole bunch of products from Clickbank and probably spend several hundreds of Dollars.


You can choose an expensive coaching program that drip feeds you the information you need on a weekly basis.

The cost?

Usually $1,000’s of Dollars, not really a cheap option.

So what about a Coaching Program that not only gives you massive amounts of content each and every month but also allows you to build the business you want in the way that you want to build it.

Introducing: Internet Coaching Monthly

One size does not fit all! Everyone is different and everyone will want to build their own business their own way, whether that is trading on Amazon, eBay, Producing your own products (not as scary as it sounds).

Maybe you want to specialise in selling Resell Rights Products, or publish on Kindle which has opened up an entire market for the small publisher (that’s you and me!). iphone xs case for sale You will find it in Internet Coaching Monthly.

And what is the cost of Internet Coaching Monthly, Simple it is $17 a month no ridiculous “discounts” fro $4997 to…. outlet iphone 8 case (you know the sequence already). iphone 8 case on sales No false Scarcity, No Ridiculous claims on the value of bonus items.

Moving Forward

Why did I do this? Why did I hand over my hard earned money to enrol on a coaching program? What was there to learn that I have not already been doing? Well there is a simple reason. outlet iphone 7 case I had the opportunity to be mentored by Alex Jeffreys.

The name Alex Jeffreys is a well known one on the Internet, just Google his name and see how many matches are returned, it’s impressive. outlet iphone 8 case So how come Alex has got his name so well known?

You see Alex is a marketing superstar (I suspect that he might be embarrassed by that) and coach. iphone xr case for sale He will certainly tell you that he is no Guru. outlet iphone xr case In fact he upset quite a few gurus with his report The Gurus Nightmare last year get a copy by clicking HERE.

When Alex opened his coaching program Marketing with Alex 4 (MWA4) at the end of 2010 I signed up immediately you see I wanted to grow and add value to my business and in so doing provide even greater value to my subscribers and customers.

The first module is called forward to basics and is well over 2 hours long; Alex presents the outline of how he runs his daily business and the routine that he has developed to maintain his focus. iphone 8 case outlet uk The presentation is followed up with a recording of a live webinar where fellow student get the opportunity to further question him about the points he has made in the presentation.

The importance of having a mentor is that they can explain how to avoid all the pitfalls in the road ahead as they have treaded this path before.

Can You Really Make Money On Kindle?

Here is a very simple set and forget income source that I set up 5 months ago. I started to publish materials for Amazons Kindle eBook reader. cheap iphone 8 case online This is one of the hottest selling products around and really is a licence to print money. If you are not selling on Kindle you are really leaving money on the table.

Amazon really has created a revolution in publishing recent figures from Amazon tell the tale. iphone 7 case outlet uk For every 100 physical books sold on Amazon there are 105 Kindle books sold. iphone 7 case It is estimated that Amazon has sold in excess of 8 Million Kindles. iphone 7 case Now that creates an opportunity, because Amazon needs content and lots of it. This is how we will start to make money.

Amazon has levelled the playing field for small publishers (that’s you and me) by allowing anyone to publish on Kindle and Create Space Amazon’s Publish On Demand or POD service) publishing your own content is completely free, provided the content complies with their Terms of Service (TOS). That removes all the barriers to self publishing that has stopped so many people from succeeding.

The traditional route of approaching publishers suffering rejection often for years on end is over. This has allowed some people to make their entire income publishing on Kindle.

But most of us will perhaps never write a novel.

So here’s how we can do it, we will be publishing Non Fiction Information Products (books) and we will provide outstanding value and content. At first glance this may look little different from selling Information Products on eBay. outlet iphone xs case online With Kindle all the delivery is done for you electronically, there are no products to ship. iphone xs case on sales It is a real set and forget business. You can also sell the same content on eBay and deliver as a physical product yourself.

There are lots of really HOT markets on Kindle so we will take a look at these, surprisingly the “Make Money Online” products are NOT big sellers so it may be better to steer clear of these, at least in the beginning until we have learned to market our other products correctly.


  • Health and Fitness
  • Diet
  • Cooking
  • Technology
  • Current Events
  • How to Guides

All of these are excellent areas to target as all these niches have lots of sub-niches so that we can really provide targeted content.

I have prepared a special report showing how I went from Zero Sales to 1,500 sales in less than 5 months. I am giving away this report completely free. Grab your copy now.

Grab your copy HERE.

Put your Kindle business on steroids with my complete business plan where “The Kindle Cash Machine” I show you exactly how I did this and how you can do it too. This is a complete set and forget plan do the work once and get paid for years I show you exactly how I did it

Kindle Cash Machine

Here is the chance to start building a complete publishing business on a shoestring, grab yourself a slice of the Kindle pie….

The Video Challenge!

A massive Freebie today! My good friend Barry Wells had this amazing idea last week for lot of online marketers to produce a Video related in someway to Internet Marketing. iphone xs case outlet uk What a great idea, iphone xs case outlet I have already seen some of the content and I was amazed at some of the things that I have learned just by visiting other peoples Blogs.

So here is mine! It’s all about using JV events to build you subscriber list.

Shiny Things

Shiny things are nice, they attract your attention, they make you feel good about yourself, they raise your spirits, shiny things are nice!! People love shiny things.

But….. cheap iphone 8 case online Shiny things can get in the way of making any meaningful progress, you get distracted by the next shiny thing and then the next and you never really finish with one shiny thing before you move onto the next shiny one with all the new shiny stuff and shiny promises.

In the beginning you buy lots of shiny things because they either seem to make things so easy just 8 clicks of the mouse and money flood into your bank account, when it doesn’t work you move onto the next shiny thing there is always plenty of choice.

There are lots of shiny things to buy in my e-mail inbox every day. outlet iphone xr case online I don’t buy many shiny things these days; they always end up costing you a lot more money than you think.

Shiny things come in lots of different guises but I am taking about “Make Money Online” Products. cheap iphone xs case I don’t buy many of these but I have bought some, ones that I think will help me grow my business, ones that offer excellent content and excellent value.

I bought John Thornhill’s and Dave Nicholson’s Multi Profit Monthly for $5 and The Ultimate Facebook Challenge by Maria Gudelis for $7.

Both of these were WSO and deliver awesome content and value. cheap iphone xs case online I bought a new shiny thing last night Lee McIntyre’s Internet Automation Plan this was selling for $997 but “Bonkers Lee” is now selling for $5! Over 10 hours of quality video training.

I have only just started to go through the modules and have already found some real gems. iphone 7 case for sale I like this shiny thing and I also like the price. cheap iphone xr case online You will too, because for a limited time only this will be available for just $5.

If you are serious about learning about building an online business then you really need to check this out.

For the price of a McDonalds I got myself a McIntrye instead.

Avoiding Distractions!!

How easy is it for you to work at home? Well for me it’s really quite easy at least most of the time. iphone 7 case on sales I can usually avoid most of the obvious distractions. iphone 7 case on sales What I am very poor at though is planning at home. This is where distractions really take their toll and hinder progress.

So what’s the answer? Well it depends on how you work, mine way is simple I head for one of the many offices scatted around the neighbourhood, I think some people can these public houses? I have several local ones that I can visit; it just depends on what I am doing or what the weather is like.

Last Saturday I went to one of my favourite outdoor offices near Silverdale in the southern part of the English Lake District, one of my favourite places on earth. You can get an idea of the solitude by looking at the pictures.

On a Bad Day You Can See Blackpool!!

The Lovely Town of Silverdale

The Pepperpot a Victorian Monument Nothin to Do with Monty Python

My desk and Office: No Computer!!

Here pen in hand I sat and wrote like some poor mans Wordsworth. iphone 7 case outlet I planned a huge chunk of my e-course 12 Roads to Success here last year. iphone 7 case for sale I was able to plan so much, that the writing came to me very easily. cheap iphone xr case outlet So in this very spot last Saturday I planned some additional content for Internet Coaching Monthly. In just over two hours I wrote over 12 pages of notes.

I’m So Busy So I Moved My Office Today!

Insane, no not really… The great thing about Information Marketing is that you can do it from almost anywhere; you don’t even need a broadband connection. iphone 8 case outlet You see here in the UK it has been warm and the sun has been shining. cheap iphone xr case online So why waste the sunshine.

Instead of working at home I have relocated to my local public house pad and pen in one hand and pint of Guinness in the other. iphone xs case for sale That’s where this blog post was written in the sunshine from during a break from working on Internet Coaching Monthly my new venture with Steve King.

Internet Coaching Monthly (ICM) is a membership site its aim is to provide excellent content at an amazingly low price. Steve has been very busy building the site using WordPress whilst I have been creating some of the content for it. iphone xs case on sales If you look at the website you will be seriously under whelmed as nearly of the content is yet to be published.

I am creating 2 modules at the moment one on product creation and marketing and another on eBay trading of course. The product creation will be approx 20 videos some PowerPoint’s and PDF’s. outlet iphone xs case online I am hoping to shoot the videos in the next week or so this will take the number of videos on the site to over 100, yes we have been very busy!

I am also working on a little project with my lovely partner building a Kindle empire for her fiction (which is outselling my own stuff at the moment). iphone 7 case outlet uk 2011 is already my most productive year so far I have already completed and have on sale 3 products since January.

Madness or Magic

Your eBay Information Business

eBay Revealed: A Powerseller Interviewed

Steve and I are hoping to launch at the end of May we want this to be really special.

The Complete Blueprint For Your Own eBay Business

What is one of the biggest niche areas on eBay? It may surprise you to find out that there is huge demand for Information Products, iphone xs case outlet uk and that they are one of the hottest markets on eBay selling in enormous quantities day in day out.

Released Today!!

“How to Profit from Selling Information Products on eBay” In this complete business blueprint I reveal the strategies that the smart sellers use when selling Information Products on eBay.

How to turn a $1 sale into a $27, outlet iphone 8 case $67, iphone xr case outlet $97, outlet iphone xr case online $197 or even more

How to obtain products to resell for FREE!

How to find low cost quality products that will sell for far more than a few dollars

Selling into carefully targeted niche areas

How to blow the socks off other seller’s products and dominate your niche

How to obtain licensed products at rock bottom prices

Creating your own products (this is much easier than you think)

How to make more sales by giving products away for free

This must certainly be one of the easiest eBay businesses to set up and run that there is. iphone xs case outlet uk In “How to Profit from Selling Information Products on eBay” I give you the complete blue print to build your own successful eBay business.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this information would cost you an arm and a leg, outlet iphone 7 case and from other sellers it would do but I believe in delivering massive value in my products so I am releasing this bad boy for less than the price of a visit to McDonald’s.

Click the graphic link and find out how you can have your own eBay business up and running in a few hours!

To your success….