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Listing On Kindle For Profit

Want a slice of the phenomena that is Kindle? It is easy to get put off by the thought of learning something new, iphone 8 case for sale but if you can fill in an online form then you can list on Kindle

Here is a quick video that takes you through the process of listing a book for sale on Amazons Kindle plus very important information about the latest changes to Kindle and how it affects sellers and how to avoid getting your Kindle account blocked in the same way that thousands of sellers have in the past few weeks.

This video was shot for The Video Blog Challenge run by my good friend Barry Wells, iphone xs case on sales when you have finished here take the opportunity to go over to Barry’s Blog and see video from other contributors to the challenge including Steve King,

Create Space: Publishing On Demand

Hi everyone, cheap iphone 7 case online and welcome to my last video for Barry Wells Video Challenge. iphone 8 case outlet This is again on the theme of Amazon services and how to make money. iphone 8 case outlet uk Today we look at Create Space the Amazon POD (Publish on Demand) service.

This is becoming big business for Amazon and makes it very simple for Indie authors to publish their work.

Build More Baskets!

Today I am going to recommend a good read, if you haven’t already done so get yourself a copy of:

How to Get Rich


Felix Denis

No it’s not one of the increasing numbers of self help books that “show you how to make a million in 10 seconds flat.” The book is described by Felix as an anti-self help book, its purpose to discourage you from even trying to get rich.

Laced with example of Felix’ wit, poetry and gob smacking anecdotes of his rise through the ranks of the magazine publishing business Felix shares his successes and disasters in equal measures and book pulls no punches in doing so.

How to Get Rich acts as both warning and inspiration for those determined to start out on the rocky road to wealth, it is joy to read and contains sage wisdom but none more so that this:

“Continue to weave new baskets”


“Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”

How many of us have been guilty of doing just that? I certainly have and have been burnt a few times particularly with eBay. cheap iphone xr case Remember the Digital Delivery ban where a large number of businesses selling eBooks and software where wiped out virtually over night.

Or, have eBay changes had a detrimental effect of your business? It happened with mine as eBay changed the rules and decide to ban some of my products (which are freely available for sale on other eBay sites and high street stores). outlet iphone 8 case Some of my other products now failed to get on the all important first page because of eBay changes.

The mistake I made was simple; eBay was my strategy and all my eggs in one basket. iphone 8 case outlet So I started to make new baskets. iphone xr case on sales I started to produce my own products starting with Plugin Auction Profits my strategy for trading on eBay and Amazon. iphone 7 case outlet uk I started to sell specialist books on Amazon which I buy for a few dollars at a time and flip for a greater price.

I now provide digital content for Amazon’s Kindle eBook platform; I have published my own physical book using Create Space POD (print on demand) service. I collected all these ways of making an extra income together as blueprints and produced 12 Roads to Success which became my first Warrior Forum Special Offer or WSO.

I am now branching out and creating websites for clients based on WordPress, mobile websites and other marketing services.

The Kindle Cash Machine: Do This Right and You Will Make Money

I suppose if you anything right you will make money, but after February’s open season on Kindle sellers there are some things that you really need to know if you want to sell on Kindle.

Firstly that it is really easy to do AND to make money doing it…. iphone xr case outlet But, why is there always a but? Amazon is very strict about what they will accept as content so it is important to get your Kindle books complying with the Amazon Terms of Service.

It is easy to fall foul of this and have books removed or your account terminated, this happened to thousands of Kindle sellers last month. iphone 7 case outlet uk The problem duplicate content; too many people uploading the same content.

How has this happened? Well how many e-mails have you had in recent months with some “Guru” selling gigabytes of PLR materials that you can use to compile your own books? Buyers were just uploading compilations of the PLR articles. iphone xs case outlet Result massive amounts of the same content and a very poor customer experience.

The other problem was content that was freely available on the web being sold on Kindle. Amazon don’t like that, result take a sledge hammer to the problem. There is a better way, the way I use to make 800+ sales a month through Kindle.

Revised, expanded and improved “The Kindle Cash Machine” Version 2!

Bang up to date; simply copy my plan to a profitable Kindle business that pays you on the dot every single month. iphone 8 case for sale Learn why Format 8 and the Kindle Fire open up a whole new set of possibilities for making money. iphone 7 case outlet Included is my Kindle template the one I use for my own books, plus “The Amazon Cash Machine”.

Make money promoting similar Kindle books or any Amazon product for that matter.

Amazons KDP Select and Producing Content for The Kindle Fire

Hi everyone here is another video showing you how to make a few extra pennies using Amazon, iphone xr case on sales in this one I look at KDP Select and why you should consider using it if you are selling eBooks on Amazon.

Also I take a look at the new Kindle Format 8 developed for the Kindle Fire that allows a much better reading experience not only in colour but also supports excellent illustration for children’s books, iphone xs case outlet graphic novels and any other type of product that requires the use of extensive illustration such as “How to Manuals”.

The Fire is rumoured to be coming to the UK just before Christmas and that opens up a lot of opportunities for small publishers like ourselves.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. outlet iphone xs case This is your first post. outlet iphone xs case Edit or delete it,

Soliloquy: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade


To upgrade, iphone 7 case outlet or not to upgrade – that is the question

Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of “outdated applications”

Or to take arms against the sea of software vendors

And by opposing them end my continual upgrade nightmare

Or just give in and take all the upgrades.

Not exactly the bard…. So what has brought this on, just a few days ago I wanted to do some very simple tasks on the computer. My morning went like this.


  • Upgrade your Flash Player
  • Upgrade your Adobe Reader
  • Upgrade your Vaio
  • Upgrade Java Script

Haven’t done anything yet

  • There are Windows updates for you to download
  • Update Firefox
  • Update Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail Update

I accepted no upgrades except Yahoo as this was being forced upon us.

I only wanted to type a letter and send a few emails, cheap iphone xs case outlet ok check Facebook, outlet iphone 8 case changes there new feature! Time line blah blah…. Check blog…

  • Update WordPress
  • Update WordPress Plugins

The point, cheap iphone xs case how much time could I have wasted on this lot, cheap iphone xs case not very productive is it but we are brain washed into thinking that we need to have the latest this that and the other just to keep up.

I’m not a big fan of upgrades unless they either make thing easier for me or introduce features that I really will find useful.

I run Word 2003, it does everything and more than I need at present, cheap iphone 8 case online tried 2007 which to me is as user friendly as a cornered rat, but I still get the app appearing every so often to run docx files that want me to buy the latest version.

2003 does it all, at least for now and there is also Open Office for ODT files, some companies such as Amazon Kindle do not like the docx format and is not supported on there website.

As far as graphics are concerned I do not run Photoshop, I use Paintshop Pro 5 which is about 10 years old,

Amazon Cash by The Numbers

Hi, iphone xr case outlet uk here is a short video showing how you can make cash from Amazon, cheap iphone 7 case it is very simple to do and you can start with no cash at all. iphone 7 case for sale You may not make big bucks with this, iphone 8 case on sales so think of it as another income stream that you can add to your armoury see Build More Baskets.

One Month Mentorship By John Thornhill My Unique Bonuses!!

Hi all, in case you didn’t know John Thornhill is releasing his One Month Mentor program as a WSO today, it will only be around for 7 days so if you want this get it fast! Click HERE or on the graphic to get the full skinny on this amazing offer

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  • My personal help and support throughout the whole program via Skype, e-mail telephone etc no matter how long you too takes to complete the program. cheap iphone 8 case outlet Real world price… Invaluable
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Because of the nature of the bonuses they are strictly limited to the first 25 purchases through my link. outlet iphone xs case You will see no doubt all kind of silly claims about the value of bonuses.

How Quickly Can You Create A Product?

Or how long is a piece of string? It just depends on the type of product that you are creating. outlet iphone xs case online I regularly provide my subscribers with great free content, sometimes this is entirely written by myself, at other times it will be a free report, a video or a product produced by someone else that I have the rights to give away. cheap iphone 7 case outlet The important thing is that it is always something of value.

This weekend I put together a complete subscriber appreciation gift in just 2 hours. iphone 8 case for sale Here’s how, I used Ezine Articles website to find out some first class information about Kindle publishing. iphone xr case on sales I drew up a list of 10 subjects so that that the report would be valuable and the subject matter would flow together.

I then searched the Ezine Articles website for 10 articles with quality content relating to the list I drew up. There are a lot of articles but as most of them are 400-500 words I found what I needed very quickly (approx 50 mins). The important consideration was quality and value. Always look at the expert authors first here is the link to my expert author page.

Robert Corrigan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I copied and pasted the articles into an Open Office document, did a little formatting, added a cover, disclaimer and a resources page at the end. Voila’ a complete high quality subscriber appreciation gift in under 2 hours start to finish.



Here is the finished product, download HERE or click the graphic.

There are are few do’s and don’ts you need to observe to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS) but really they are just common sense. cheap iphone 8 case When authors publish an Ezine Article they give permission to reproduce the article they still retain copyright. No changes or editing is allowed and the author resource box must remain intact together with any links in the box or article. iphone xr case outlet uk Also credit must be given to Ezine Articles as the source.

This helps to promote the authors work and their own products or website. As a courtesy contact the author to let them know you have reprinted their article and offer them a free copy of you report.

I don’t think of this method of product production as a quick fix but merely a way of collating quality content very quickly without having to write it all myself. There are limits on how many articles you can use in a calendar year limited at 25 per unique domain or 250 per year.

There are some other excellent article sites such as.

Each will have their own TOS, but don’t be tempted to mix and match from different sites as you could inadvertently break the terms of service on one or another of them particularly with article quotas.