How Quickly Can You Create A Product?

Or how long is a piece of string? It just depends on the type of product that you are creating. outlet iphone xs case online I regularly provide my subscribers with great free content, sometimes this is entirely written by myself, at other times it will be a free report, a video or a product produced by someone else that I have the rights to give away. cheap iphone 7 case outlet The important thing is that it is always something of value.

This weekend I put together a complete subscriber appreciation gift in just 2 hours. iphone 8 case for sale Here’s how, I used Ezine Articles website to find out some first class information about Kindle publishing. iphone xr case on sales I drew up a list of 10 subjects so that that the report would be valuable and the subject matter would flow together.

I then searched the Ezine Articles website for 10 articles with quality content relating to the list I drew up. There are a lot of articles but as most of them are 400-500 words I found what I needed very quickly (approx 50 mins). The important consideration was quality and value. Always look at the expert authors first here is the link to my expert author page.

Robert Corrigan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I copied and pasted the articles into an Open Office document, did a little formatting, added a cover, disclaimer and a resources page at the end. Voila’ a complete high quality subscriber appreciation gift in under 2 hours start to finish.



Here is the finished product, download HERE or click the graphic.

There are are few do’s and don’ts you need to observe to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS) but really they are just common sense. cheap iphone 8 case When authors publish an Ezine Article they give permission to reproduce the article they still retain copyright. No changes or editing is allowed and the author resource box must remain intact together with any links in the box or article. iphone xr case outlet uk Also credit must be given to Ezine Articles as the source.

This helps to promote the authors work and their own products or website. As a courtesy contact the author to let them know you have reprinted their article and offer them a free copy of you report.

I don’t think of this method of product production as a quick fix but merely a way of collating quality content very quickly without having to write it all myself. There are limits on how many articles you can use in a calendar year limited at 25 per unique domain or 250 per year.

There are some other excellent article sites such as.

Each will have their own TOS, but don’t be tempted to mix and match from different sites as you could inadvertently break the terms of service on one or another of them particularly with article quotas.

13 Responses to How Quickly Can You Create A Product?

  1. Julia Helsby says:

    Great advice as usual Robert!

  2. Joe D Morgan says:

    Excellent advice. I’ll definitely keep it in mind the next time I create a report for a squeeze page. Thanks

  3. riathomas says:

    Excellent advice. I’ll definitely keep it in mind the next time I create a report for a squeeze page. Thanks

  4. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Rob,
    I saw your new post after a long time.Welcome back and thanks for sharing your information with us on how quickly we can create a product.

  5. Heidi19 says:

    Great post Robert! and providing us this useful information is really a big help. I will surely follow all the advice that you’ve shared with us here. Thanks!

  6. Terry Conti says:

    Hello Robert,

    The Internet marketing business is so full of great different things you can do to get yourself out there.

    How true about how long is a piece of string when creating an info product. It all depends on how and what you are doing.

    I really like the way you did things over all especially linking, brought to you by Robert C.. . I like the way you have a back end product. Is it a back end product? Looks like a back end product? You said the free report is a subscriber appreciation report.

    The free report is great for good extra value for your subscribers and building solid relationships but formatting things the way you did to monetize is powerful stuff. Your whole post full circle is powerful stuff.

    Keep on keep on Robert,

    Terry Conti

  7. Hi Terry,

    I think it’s a great way to add value and provide great content, I could have written most of it myself but that would be a weeks work. You are right that I have sold several copies of my own Kindle product on the back end.

    It’s definitely a route I will take again.


  8. We could make product quickly ans easily but all we need to know how to use internet marketing plateform efficiently. Thanks for your tips and suggestions, Rob.

  9. Linda says:

    Hey Rob,

    I totally forgot about articles – I am in the midst of creating my first so called “product” and the thought never even crossed my mind for some reason, so thank you!!

    Hope you are doing well, haven’t heard from you in awhile!


  10. Hi Linda,

    thanks for dropping by, I am in the midst of a product creation frenzy at the moment,

    I am finishing my new how to create content for kindle product
    A sell Public Domain materials on kindle upsell
    Using Create Space to publish physical books I will show viewers how to do this “Live” upsell two
    Updating my eBay product
    Adding an upsell on product sources
    Updating my 12 business plans product
    Revamping ICM


    Also need to post to my blog as well!


  11. Ben says:

    Good advice, I’ve only just started looking into selling on Kindle, think it’s best to create it all from scratch though.

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