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Freebie Friday 2

Welcome to my second Freebie Friday event and as ever I have some real quality items for my loyal subscribers. As always no fluff no padding just to quality products. 

Product 1

First off most people’s introduction to online selling is via eBay (or occasionally Amazon. But the major problem is always where to obtain stock to resell. Or in other words where do the eBay Powersellers get their products? I Secret Sources Revealed an eBay Powerseller breaks ranks and reveals where the Powersellers obtain their stock for resale on eBay and Amazon and on their own e-commerce websites. Take your slice of the eBay pie get your copy HERE.

Product 2

Is it possible to make money online, I mean real money? Yes it is but there is a big but you have to follow a definite plan. If you spend time and energy flitting from one idea to another or one product to another then you will make little or no progress at all. Learn from someone who has been there and done that and has cracked it. Anthony Cecil-Wright was a COMPLETE Internet Marketing newby, who had a plan. His plan was to shortcut the trials and tribulations, pitfalls and failure of starting his OWN profitable IM Business…

And he stuck to his plan.

Learn how he did it in 1K in 30 days, in this FREE 80 page eBook which comes with an MP3 audio of Anthony and top UK marketer Ray Johnson. Download your copy HERE.

Product 3

Lee McIntyre has made BIG ripples since he burst upon the Information Marketing Scene two and a half years ago and for good reason the quality of his products are fantastic and Lee is a first rate teacher. His down to earth delivery and his ability to explain things in simple terms is truly inspirational.

Lee recently held a workshop in Manchester UK last August where he revealed his entire plan for starting up a business from scratch. I think he may be a bit bonkers because he is giving away the entire 2 day workshop on DVD for FREE. He could charge $1997 for this product and believe me it is worth more than that. So grab yours before he come to his senses, I don’t know how much longer this will be available.

Read a full review of Lee McIntyre’s DVD HERE!

Product 4

Something a bit different from well know child care expert and personal tutor Julia Helsby. She has recently written a book Total Toddler Care: Top Tips For Parents. This is a $27 product but I have managed to negotiate a massive discount for my subscribers.

You pay NOTHING, yes Zilch, Free, Gratis etc. Download your copy HERE while it is still available.


Do you want to start your own profitable business trading on eBay, but are not sure how to find a market that is both vibrant and offers unlimited scope for making profits? If you said yes then I have some good news.

Author and publisher John Edwards (watch out for this guy) has produced what I regard as THE definitive guide to trading in the *HOTTEST* market on eBay, Skin Care products.

As an eBay Powerseller in this market I did not think I would learn much, boy was I wrong! I have already used some of John’s techniques and tips and I have been amazed at how my business has grown. So how does he do it? I will let John tell you in his own words:

There are only three kinds of marketplaces that are lucrative for ultimate long term SUCCESS!

 Niche Marketplaces (These markets are targeted *HOT* products)?

Perennial Marketplaces (Markets that are profitable in any economy)?

Markets that offer products as preventions and/or Solutions to peoples Problems?

 So what market am I talking about, that hold all three of these qualities?

 It’s phenomenal, it’s the SKINCARE market, and this marketplace is as NICHE and PERENNIAL as it gets offering preventions and solutions to most peoples problems?

 You know not only did this marketplace boom during the RECCESSION, its worth a staggering $180 Billion and growing!

 BUT how do I sell on eBay to maximum effect? It’s the first comprehensive guide of its kind on the net that teaches you how to start and build YOUR own skincare niche business, in ways most eBay Powersellers don’t even know, who are already successful in this niche in their own right?

 John has left no stone unturned, in the amount of info you can absorb and put to good use from the off, from starting on eBay growing your products line to breeching international eBay sites for quick business expansion..

 A brief summary, of just some of the fantastic content held within

Skincare Profits Auction Goldmine! Skincare product success with YOUR OWN BRAND (very powerful your own product identity)?

Successful listing strategies (Real traffic pulling techniques)?

Photo techniques so good you could touch the product (I loved this one)?

A *FREE* listing template that allows four extra pictures at ZERO cost (Sorry eBay)?

Build Your own Website (leverage your profits)?

About Me page and how to send these visitors to your website (Nice backend sales, more profits)?

Start and build a customer database (Your most valuable asset)?

Another online channel to sell from (It’s starting to get as big as eBay no upfront listing fees)?

Over 150 screenshot illustrations in step by baby step format taking

you by the hand (it’s just to easy, I felt I was looking over Johns

shoulder at his PC screen, so lifelike)!

Oh, I could go on and on and on.. But you’re starting to see the power of Skincare Profits Auction Goldmine, and how this is the internet business to be in for profits and long term stability!

 Think logically we all have skin and there are billions of us, and at some point we all want and/or need preventions and solutions to our skin to keep it satisfactory or to cure imperfections that affect our mental perceptions of ourselves in public?

 These are your customers, that will come back for more of these COMSUMABLE products, and with that there is no more to say, except the

time is right in these skincare markets so the time is NOW..

 Bring these customers (BUYERS), into your BRAND NAME sales net potentially FOR LIFE on eBay?


 I just had to share Johns report “Skincare Profits Auction Goldmine with you, it’s a valuable and powerful way to profit on eBay ..

 You could potentially corner the market with your name?

 If you want a successful online business then I would urge you to check out this product, this is real life changing content.

 See you next time


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