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Freebie Friday 3

Ok I confess this one is not free, it will cost you $1, yes one measly dollar, and what do you get?
Let me start by asking a question how many times have you bought those products and left them collecting ‘cyber’ dust on your computer hard drive not doing anything at all because you’ve already seen the next latest download! So, instead of making a huge amount of cash in sales, you are actually spending more and more of YOUR money and slowly losing many hundreds of dollars which you can probably ill afford to do.

There is a better way! Brought to you by Keith Alston is…

This is the real deal….

Get Lifetime Access To The Most Up-to-Date Private Label + Master Resell Rights Products on the Internet today for only $1.00 with no recurring fees, limited time or trial period & save yourself $1000′s of your hard earned cash. There are eBooks galore, videos, templates in fact it is a complete business resourse.
This Offer is for a Very Limited Period Only – The cost will be going up very soon and I will take down this offer without warning. I am allowing only a small handful of people to grab this offer before I raise the price tenfold! (which will still be great value)

***  Does $1.00 sound ‘Too Good To Be True?  ***

Keith is what we call a go giver, he is giving tremendous value here, but this offer will be strictly limited don’t miss it when it’s gone its gone.

Freebie 2

How often have you heard “I’ve tried to sell on line but it didn’t work.” Lots of times I bet! There may be many reasons for the lack of success, the wrong market, the wrong product, too much competition, no market at all, a poor listing, you’ve guessed it I am talking about eBay.

The reason being that most people think that online selling begins and ends with eBay (occasionally Amazon) and never consider any other options. The thought of setting up a website on the back of eBay sales never occurs. Often it is dismissed as being too complex to do or too costly. The skills needed can only be used by the practitioners of the dark arts of HTML or FTP!

There are worlds beyond eBay and there are massive profits to be made exploiting them it’s just that it all appears scary and hard to do not to mention costly. It doesn’t have to be like that, here’s why.

 I have written a report that details how I did this and how you can too; it is called “Successful Online Selling” how to get it right first time every time. I am giving it away Free, Gratis and for Nothing to thank all my subscribers. Click the link or the graphic to download your copy now!! Diversify your business by following this blueprint to success.

Freebie 3

I cannot believe that this DVD is still available FREE, the complete video footage of the 2 day Lee McIntyre “Inside Out Upside Down Workshop” held in Manchester last August. Lee has made a huge impact in the past two year in Information Marketing. He has built his business massively by over delivering on his promises and this DVD is no exception nearly 12 hours of quality information on building you business from scratch. Learn for an acknowledged master. Grab your copy before Lee decides to charge for this.

Freebie 4

Napoleon Hill’s story is remarkable in itself. Hill was a reporter who was sent to interview Andrew Carnegie the Scottish steel magnate who had made his fortune after emmigrating to the United States. Carnegie saw in Hill some of the qualities that had made him successful in business. He challenged Napoleon Hill to interview the top 500 most successful business men and women in the United States and to write a book on his findings, and find out the “secrets” behind their success. This book “Think and Grow Rich” took Hill over 20 years to complete. It is the most inspirational book I have ever read. Get a free copy of the original 1937 edition of “Think and Grow Rich”HERE.

Learn more about Napolean Hill

Freebie 5

 Plugin Auction Profits Special Report

 Following the launch of Plugin Auction Profits I am giving away a free report based on the full product. It is a 20 page no fluff, no padding no filler report. A step by step outline for trading on eBay, Amazon and beyond.

You may do whatever you like with the report, you can sell it on eBay (or anywhere else) and keep 100% of the profits for yourself, you can give it away, and you can include it on membership sites you can give it away as a bonus. All I ask is the content remains unchanged.

Better still you can rebrand the report so that you receive a massive 50% commission on all sales of the full product made through the links in your rebranded copy of the report. I have provided all the tools you will need to rebrand and sell it, I have provided the rebranding tool, and the instruction on how to do it (drag and drop your copy of the report into the rebranding window and enter your clickbank ID). There is a copy of the graphics as well as sales copy and e-mails to help you on your way.

Grab your report from the following link Plugin Auction Profits Special Report. 

Need a Clickbank ID get it here.


Plugin Auction Profits: eBay to e-commerce in 3 Easy Steps The Full Product

How many make money on eBay products have you read? Well if you are anything like me it could be a few dozen. Have you ever seen anything new? Not often I would bet, that is why this is product is so different it is not an eBook it is a complete “business in a box” It has 3 modules starting you on eBay and showing you how to develop your business onto Amazon and into e-commerce. A series of 19 training videos take you step by step to building your own business.

Plugin Auction Profits  shows you how to operate in niche markets and so eliminate most of your eBay competitors, it is in niche markets that the real money is made. Learn how to open an eBay shop and attain Powerseller status. Best of all, I show you how to run this business on AUTOPILOT working just a few hours a day. It’s about work life balance, less work and more life.

 Plugin Auction Profits show how you can source your own stock. In the training videos which supplement the extensive text, I show you the best sites to use to purchase Non Branded and Private Label Products at REAL wholesale prices. You can build a whole series of niche businesses just using these types of products. It also includes a complete sourcing directory compiled by Myself and used by Myself in my own business on a daily basis. Included are the website addresses, the contact details, the niche market to sell into and a specimen e-mail to give you a flying start. A ride along workbook takes you step by step through the whole process.

 PluginAuction Profits is a complete blueprint to how you can build your own online business the easy way.

See you soon… Rob

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