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Published on Kindle: My New eBay Book.

eBay Success Secrets: How To Build Your Own eBay Empire

Just a quick post today, iphone xs case for sale I am working on a new Kindle product which is a step by step course on producing content for Kindle with a template, cheap iphone 8 case PDF and about 14-15 over the shoulder training videos plus lots more.

As part of the course I show how to produce Kindle books and get them published, outlet iphone xs case yesterday I shot the entire listing process and video and uploaded the book for publication, cheap iphone 7 case it went live this morning! I can now shoot the rest of the videos and get it finished.

Here’s a sneak preview, cheap iphone 7 case online click the graphic and see the listing and the Amazon preview.

Or click HERE to see the listing.

The cover was ordered for Fiverr and the content was based on my own business as an eBay Powerseller selling non branded products.

I think it look quite smart…. Rob


A Quick Update!

The book was published about 27 hours ago,

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

If you have any intension at all of working online then the first essential you WILL need is a blog.


Well the blog is the hub of your online activities a focal point for your customers and readers to catch up with you and your activities, special offers. iphone xs case on sales And most importantly free advice (such as this).

The blog also acts as capture machine for subscribers e-mail addresses so that you can inform them when new content has been added. outlet iphone xs case online Did you notice the optin box and the newsletter list when this blog loaded?

There are a number of different blogging platforms which have there own advantages and disadvantages.

Free from Google is Blogger, I have used Blogger for product review sites such as John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Training. iphone xs case outlet Blogger blogs are very easy to setup and easy to use and can be customised and monetised. They are mostly used for personal blogs and many of the Blogger blogs are exactly that.

The great advantage is that Blogger is free. The big disadvantage is that you do not own the blog so Google could remove it at any point with absolutely no comeback. You will loose at the content you have posted and all the hard work will be to no avail.

The real biggy is WordPress there are literally thousands of themes, plugins apps and widgets that you can use to customise WordPress, so no two sites will be exactly the same. cheap iphone xr case outlet At WordPress.com you can claim a free blog and take advantage the problem is that the blog will always have .wordpress.com as part of the URL.

There are some excellent examples of free blogs you can check out on the home page of WordPress.com, again this blog can be pulled at any time and you will have to start again.

The best all round solution to building your own brand or business is to have your own hosting and install your own WordPress blog on it. iphone xr case outlet This has massive advantages over the free solutions.

  • You can choose your unique URL to reflect your business or brand, this website uses WordPress and although it is starting to look dated I can change this very easily by updating the theme, adding plugins and widgets to make the visitor experience a good one.
  • I own the blog.
  • It has my name in the URL not blogspot or WordPress which of the two looks the most professional?

WordPress is very easy to setup and customise, there are lots of guides and tutorials available on the internet. outlet iphone xr case online But this can be very confusing if it is the first time you have installed and used WordPress. You could pay some one to do it all for you, or there are many excellent products on how to use WordPress most of which come with a heavy price tag.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a product that could show you how to do all of this for just a few bucks. Well there is, so here’s the skinny of it I just came across something that you will want to check out quick before the price goes up drastically.

It is WordPress blog building at its finest by a guy Lane Bowers who’s been in the trenches learning what it’s like to build blogs for perfect results every time. More informaion HERE.

Take a look at just one of Lane’s blog video training reviews; Lane takes on more of the role of what you would expect a good friend to be like if you asked him to help you get started on creating your own WordPress blog.

It is as if he asked you to pull up a chair at his desk and he was walking you through what he does daily to continue growing his Blog.

He keeps it very basic and assumes that you have had no prior knowledge before he begins teaching you. cheap iphone xr case outlet If you are new to Internet Marketing then this would be an excellent starting point for you, as his Course continues teaching he includes items such as how to add a Gravatars to your Posts, changing the Header and the Site’s Background, setting up email accounts, etc.

How Well Do You Do This?

That’s look after your subscribers, iphone xs case for sale remember that people on your list subscribed for a reason, maybe they found or where directed to your blog where you were offering great information or there was something that they found interesting there.

Maybe the subscriber found one of your sales pages that allowed them to optin to get a mini course or a freebie.

What ever the reason they chose to subscribe to your e-mails, so what next, well you need to give them a reason to keep subscribed.

There are different ways of doing this; post informative content to your blog regularly, and you can send them offers for products or services that you feel may be of use or value to them, remember that people will expect you do that.

And you can offer them subscriber discounts on your own products and those of other marketers, cheap iphone 7 case outlet most will be happy to do this in return for a sign up to one of their lists.

You can also offer high value content on a regular basis completely free.

There is a fine balance between all of these actions. By offering quality content on your blog you will get a high number of return visitors who may buy something from you particularly if you are reviewing a product on the blog post.

E-mailing offers out, outlet iphone 8 case online again this is a balancing act only; promote those products or services that you feel would help your subscribers best, iphone 7 case for sale why did they subscribe? Look for something that would be complimentary and promote that, BUT only if it will be of value to them.

Never promote crap just because the commissions are better this will bite you on the backside. Also never pester the hell out of your subscribers they will either unsubscribe or just not open your e-mails. iphone 8 case on sales Just take today, in less than 24 hours I have had 59 e-mails from the same marketer promoting different products.

Yes 59, do you think that marketer has by best interests in mind or is he trying to make a fast buck? What we call a churn and burn merchant.

Do you offer high value freebies to your list on a regular basis? I try to do this once a month, this maybe a report for something am working on, and occasionally it is a report from another marketer from which I may make a few affiliate sales.

I also use PLR materials as the basis for some of my freebies, but as ever always use high quality PLR materials and make sure you edit them to suit your list.

Last week I sent out a freebie on LIST BUILDING to my list so if you would like a copy of it click the eBook cover or HERE and grab your cover.

I also recorded the whole process on video so if you want to see how I did it click the image and view the video which is on my YouTube channel.

The whole process is recorded in the video VIEW HERE.