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How Well Do You Do This?

That’s look after your subscribers, iphone xs case for sale remember that people on your list subscribed for a reason, maybe they found or where directed to your blog where you were offering great information or there was something that they found interesting there.

Maybe the subscriber found one of your sales pages that allowed them to optin to get a mini course or a freebie.

What ever the reason they chose to subscribe to your e-mails, so what next, well you need to give them a reason to keep subscribed.

There are different ways of doing this; post informative content to your blog regularly, and you can send them offers for products or services that you feel may be of use or value to them, remember that people will expect you do that.

And you can offer them subscriber discounts on your own products and those of other marketers, cheap iphone 7 case outlet most will be happy to do this in return for a sign up to one of their lists.

You can also offer high value content on a regular basis completely free.

There is a fine balance between all of these actions. By offering quality content on your blog you will get a high number of return visitors who may buy something from you particularly if you are reviewing a product on the blog post.

E-mailing offers out, outlet iphone 8 case online again this is a balancing act only; promote those products or services that you feel would help your subscribers best, iphone 7 case for sale why did they subscribe? Look for something that would be complimentary and promote that, BUT only if it will be of value to them.

Never promote crap just because the commissions are better this will bite you on the backside. Also never pester the hell out of your subscribers they will either unsubscribe or just not open your e-mails. iphone 8 case on sales Just take today, in less than 24 hours I have had 59 e-mails from the same marketer promoting different products.

Yes 59, do you think that marketer has by best interests in mind or is he trying to make a fast buck? What we call a churn and burn merchant.

Do you offer high value freebies to your list on a regular basis? I try to do this once a month, this maybe a report for something am working on, and occasionally it is a report from another marketer from which I may make a few affiliate sales.

I also use PLR materials as the basis for some of my freebies, but as ever always use high quality PLR materials and make sure you edit them to suit your list.

Last week I sent out a freebie on LIST BUILDING to my list so if you would like a copy of it click the eBook cover or HERE and grab your cover.

I also recorded the whole process on video so if you want to see how I did it click the image and view the video which is on my YouTube channel.

The whole process is recorded in the video VIEW HERE.