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How Quickly Can You Create A Product?

Or how long is a piece of string? It just depends on the type of product that you are creating. outlet iphone xs case online I regularly provide my subscribers with great free content, sometimes this is entirely written by myself, at other times it will be a free report, a video or a product produced by someone else that I have the rights to give away. cheap iphone 7 case outlet The important thing is that it is always something of value.

This weekend I put together a complete subscriber appreciation gift in just 2 hours. iphone 8 case for sale Here’s how, I used Ezine Articles website to find out some first class information about Kindle publishing. iphone xr case on sales I drew up a list of 10 subjects so that that the report would be valuable and the subject matter would flow together.

I then searched the Ezine Articles website for 10 articles with quality content relating to the list I drew up. There are a lot of articles but as most of them are 400-500 words I found what I needed very quickly (approx 50 mins). The important consideration was quality and value. Always look at the expert authors first here is the link to my expert author page.

Robert Corrigan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I copied and pasted the articles into an Open Office document, did a little formatting, added a cover, disclaimer and a resources page at the end. Voila’ a complete high quality subscriber appreciation gift in under 2 hours start to finish.



Here is the finished product, download HERE or click the graphic.

There are are few do’s and don’ts you need to observe to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS) but really they are just common sense. cheap iphone 8 case When authors publish an Ezine Article they give permission to reproduce the article they still retain copyright. No changes or editing is allowed and the author resource box must remain intact together with any links in the box or article. iphone xr case outlet uk Also credit must be given to Ezine Articles as the source.

This helps to promote the authors work and their own products or website. As a courtesy contact the author to let them know you have reprinted their article and offer them a free copy of you report.

I don’t think of this method of product production as a quick fix but merely a way of collating quality content very quickly without having to write it all myself. There are limits on how many articles you can use in a calendar year limited at 25 per unique domain or 250 per year.

There are some other excellent article sites such as.

Each will have their own TOS, but don’t be tempted to mix and match from different sites as you could inadvertently break the terms of service on one or another of them particularly with article quotas.

Published on Kindle: My New eBay Book.

eBay Success Secrets: How To Build Your Own eBay Empire

Just a quick post today, iphone xs case for sale I am working on a new Kindle product which is a step by step course on producing content for Kindle with a template, cheap iphone 8 case PDF and about 14-15 over the shoulder training videos plus lots more.

As part of the course I show how to produce Kindle books and get them published, outlet iphone xs case yesterday I shot the entire listing process and video and uploaded the book for publication, cheap iphone 7 case it went live this morning! I can now shoot the rest of the videos and get it finished.

Here’s a sneak preview, cheap iphone 7 case online click the graphic and see the listing and the Amazon preview.

Or click HERE to see the listing.

The cover was ordered for Fiverr and the content was based on my own business as an eBay Powerseller selling non branded products.

I think it look quite smart…. Rob


A Quick Update!

The book was published about 27 hours ago,

Product Development Control Bonus

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John Thornhill and Dan Sumner’s just released Home Study Course “Product Development Control” special offer and it ROCKS!


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Product Development Control A Review

The way to make real money in Internet Marketing is to produce your own products. You have total control over the whole process. iphone xs case for sale But…. It can seem overwhelming where you start first, what I need to think about etc. Wouldn’t it be great to work form a route map that showed you what to do every step of the way saving both time and frustration.


Well things just got a whole lot easier because Dan Sumner and John Thornhill have just released “Product Development Control” the ultimate bible for producing you own quality and profitable products in a fraction of the time it used to take.

As Dan and John make extensive use of Video, Audio, PDF Instruction and work sheets to take you step by step through the whole product creation process this is as easy as look over my shoulder and do what I do. This is the product creation process in action my two marketers who are known for the quality of the products they create.


I have just completed reviewing the whole course and I can say I learned a thing or 9 about how to produce my own products more quickly and easily. iphone 8 case for sale “Product Development Control” has 6 Modules.


Module 1:

The 5 videos in this module show how to plan a product using the mind mapping process that Dan and John have used to pull in thousands of dollars this year alone. iphone 8 case on sales The easy to follow videos and accompanied by access the resources to do this which are free. Watch as Dan and John create the outline to a product “live”.


Module 2:

2 Videos on how to create content, what formats to use where to source professional graphic, often a make or break for any product. Follow the complete checklist to success.


Module 3:

Sales page creation techniques, supporting Pages for your products website. Sourcing and producing bonus products. outlet iphone 7 case The power of testimonials in the selling process.


Module 4:

Four videos cover: Getting started with your product development all the tools you need for free. How to outsource parts of the process for speed and professionalism. Testing your product and give it the final tweaks it needs to produce sales.


Module 5:

What are the best methods of processing your payments, the pro’s and con’s of taking money using Clickbank, PayPal, Pay.com, JV Zoo and a host of other payment processors.


Module 6:

Lift off! Promoting your product, finding affiliates and JV partners, the power of social media and blogging.


A massive set of resources links to online tools plus a mean set of bonus products that would cost more than the price of this program alone. This make “Product Development Control” as complete as it can possibly be. I have spent a day trying to think of what could be added or improved, result I failed. iphone xs case outlet uk Well done Dan and John you nailed this one!


This product is no longer available on The Warrior Forum BUT Dan and John have set up a special discount for visitors to my blog where you can still get this for a measly $27 AND I am still offering my bonus package, this makes it a no brainier for me I can make this back on my first sale!


I am so impressed that I am offering some unique and strictly limited bonuses for buying


“Product Development Control”


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